Ark: Survival Evolved has offered over 1 million copies on PS4, Tek Tier Phase One hits consoles at this time

Phase One of Ark: Survival Evolved’s Tek Tier rollout begins at this time on PlayStation four and Xbox One.

Along with information of the rollout, Studio Wildcard additionally introduced Ark: Survival Evolved has additionally offered over 1 million copies on PlayStation four since its launch on December 6.

It was additionally the primary promoting recreation on PlayStation Network in each December 2016 and January 2017.

To have fun, the ArkOkay: Survival Evolved “Survivor’s Pack” is now on sale worldwide on PS4 for 20% off ($54.99/€49.99). It contains an up-to-date model of the sport, beforehand launched content material, plus the Scorched Earth expansion pack.

It additionally comes with a Bionic Giganotosaurus pores and skin plus a complete Manticore armor set for all female and male characters, unique to PS4.

Phase One of the Tek Tier is available without cost by means of v254 from at this time on Xbox One and PS4, and as beforehand reported, comes with new weapons, armors, gear, and dinosaur mounted laser cannons.

Players can even tame 4 new creatures and participate within the Valentine’s Day Event, a limited-time characteristic which permits customers to extend creature mating velocity. They may also be capable of discover a field of goodies that can be utilized to unlock new event-themed hairstyles and an emote.

To achieve Tek Tier loot, gamers will want to assemble the newly launched Element useful resource, which is granted after efficiently finishing Boss Arenas. Each Boss now has three problem ranges and after defeating them, the participant is awarded distinctive TEK Knowledge engrams, factor and different Boss Rewards.

ark_survival_evolved_tek_tt1 (13)

Here’s what you possibly can anticipate finding in Tek Tier Phase One:

  • TEK Helmet – Contains a built-in oxygen tank and three completely different sort of imaginative and prescient: Sonar, which identifies tribes, allies, enemies and creatures, Night (see at nighttime) and a mixed Sonar/Night mode.
  • TEK Boots – These boots let gamers scale vertical surfaces with ease, together with negating any falling injury.
  • TEK Pants – Enable a brilliant run that lets gamers velocity by means of strong objects. Combined with the TEK Shirt, the pants enable for sooner flight and a cool superheroic stance.
  • TEK Shirt – Jet Pack! Ever needed to be Iron Man? Don this merchandise then rocket upwards into house or hover above your enemies to raised view the devastation you might have wrought!
  • TEK Gauntlets – Powerful tremendous punch – dash-smash your foes throughout the map with this powered up fisticuffs characteristic.
  • TEK Rifle – Powered by Element, the rifle contains a scope that may sync up with the TEK Helmet’s imaginative and prescient modes for double the death-dealing.
  • TEK Rex Saddle – Mount lasers in your T-Rex. Yes…lasers…on…a…T-Rex
  • TEK Replicator – Needed for crafting gadgets from the TEK tier.
  • TEK Transmitter – This transportable terminal features equally to an Obelisk, permitting gamers to switch characters, creatures and gadgets throughout the ARK.

Ark’s creature checklist has additionally expanded with the discharge of the Ovis Aries, Baryonyx Aquafulgur, Basilosaurus Solatiumfecit, and the Purlovia Maxima. It brings the full as much as 96.

Purlovia Maxima – Resembling a large weasel, the Purlovia is a nasty sneak, burrowing underground so it may well ambush unaware passers-by.

Basilosaurus Solatiumfecit – One of the stranger water creatures is Basilosaurus, a robust swimmer that’s so tailored to life within the shallows, it has issues surviving in deep water. This hasn’t stored tribes from taming these light creatures, as their warm-blooded nature means riders will be stored snug in each cold and hot climes. Its blubber can be precious, as it may be processed right into a extremely environment friendly type of gasoline.

Baryonyx Aquafulgur – Baryonyx has the excellence of being on the small finish of the big predator tier, however that doesn’t make it any much less harmful. It’s a particularly quick swimmer, and may threaten most creatures on land and sea, which makes it an environment friendly killer. Taming a Baryonyx makes it much more harmful.

Ovis Aries – The Ovis has arrived in-game. This passive, stupid-tempered creature is likely to be weak, however it’s undoubtedly helpful, with wool that may be repeatedly sheared and re-grown, and the power to supply tasty, fantastic, lamb chops. Its additionally makes for a enjoyable, albeit sluggish, mount.

Other Features in at this time’s v254 replace:

  • New Weapon – Lance: Saddle up and put together for medieval mounted mayhem with the arrival of this, the Jurassic Jouster’s weapon of selection.
  • New Mechanic: Hairstyles, Facial Hair, Hair Colouring and styling with real-time rising. Customize your avatars with superior new beards after which watch them develop! Cut, dye and trim your hair as you go all out along with your character design.
  • 16 Additional Explorer Notes
  • A ton of enhancements for official mod The Center, and common recreation fixes

All of the aforementioned content material has been out there through Steam since January 30.

Ark: Survival Evolved is offered on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The recreation additionally helps PS4 Pro.