Apex Legends Update Has Major Buffs for 3 Legends

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Apex Legends’ Season 6 update dropped late Monday night with various massive modifications for 3 of the game’s Legends. Pathfinder, Bloodhound, and Crypto – the three characters that comprise the Recon class and are tasked with scouting out areas for his or her groups – are actually all ready to make use of Survey Becons scattered all through the map. Accompanying this class-wide buff are particular person modifications for the three Legends that make them higher at their crafts with optimistic modifications throughout the board and no important nerfs to talk of.

Prior to Season 6, the Survey Beacons may solely be utilized by Pathfinder due to the character’s passive. Since the flexibility is now open to all three of them, Pathfinder’s passive has been changed by an incentive to make use of the Survey Beacons reasonably than the flexibility to make use of them in any respect. Activating Survey Beacons now lowers his Zipline Gun’s cooldown and may really half the cooldown if sufficient are used.

The different Legends don’t have further incentives to make use of Survey Beacons like Pathfinder does, however the skill being prolonged to them will nonetheless assist them higher fulfil their Recon roles. The remainder of the buffs prolonged to them in Season 6 may be discovered beneath.


  • Passive: Each time Pathfinder scans a survey beacon, the whole cooldown of Zipline Gun is diminished.
  • Numbers: Zipline Gun cooldown diminished by 10s every time Pathfinder scans a beacon. Up to six rings per game means the whole cooldown of Zipline Gun can go from 120s to 60s.


  • Beast of the Hunt: Now features much more length when Bloodhound scores a knockdown or kill with the final word about to expire.
  • Eye of the Allfather: During Beast of the Hunt, Eye of the Allfather now comes out twice as quick and has a a lot shorter cooldown.
  • Numbers:
  • Beast of the Hunt length extension 5s → [5s – 15s] based mostly on remaining length
    • Eye of the Allfather CD throughout Beast of the Hunt: 25s → 6s
    • Eye of the Allfather complete use time throughout Beast of the Hunt: 1.8s → 0.9s


  • Surveillance drone:
    • Crypto can now activate respawn and survey beacons from his drone. Doing so is immediate as a substitute of requiring a chronic use.
    • Made the surveillance drone barely extra constant to hit but additionally doubled its hitpoints.
  • Drone EMP:
    • EMP will now sluggish teammates caught within the blast, even when they’d no shields. This implies that gamers who’ve used Revenant’s Death Totem can even be slowed.
  • Numbers:
    • Surveillance Drone 30HP → 60HP
    • Surveillance Drone hitbox measurement: dice of edge size 16 → dice of edge size 24


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