Another attempt to stop players from lobbing C4 at each other in the Finals update

A player from The Finals vaults over an enemy
(Image credit: Embark Studios)

The devs behind The Finals have taken another swing at decimating an ongoing trend which sees players forgoing their weapons and lobbing C4 at each other.

Last week, we reported how Heavy mains in The Finals were yeeting C4 at everyone around them, entirely ignoring their actual guns in favor of the explosive devices. Developer Embark Studios tried to quash the behaviour, deploying a patch that reduced C4 damage to 210 from 240, and the blast radius from 2.4 metres to just 1.6 metres.

This apparently hasn’t had much of an effect on what players have dubbed the ‘nuke meta.’ In today’s new patch notes from Embark, the developer has once again put down the damage of C4, knocking it down from 210 to 155, and reducing the minimum damage players can take from C4 from 120 to 100.

That might not sound like a huge amount, but keep in mind that since the initial nerf, the C4 has had its damage reduced by nearly half. There’s no reduction of the C4’s blast radius with the new patch for The Finals today though, so clearly Embark isn’t worried about multiple players getting taken out by one C4.

Elsewhere, the irritating Cloaking Device has seen a bit of a nerf. The activation time has increased from one to two seconds, so it’ll take players double the time to drop out of view from enemies, and the minimum requires charge time to activate has been increased from 1.5 to 2.5 seconds. I guess Embark has seen players moaning about getting taken out by annoying invisible enemies on repeat.

The new update also boasts a limited-time solo PvP mode for The Finals, which pits 12 players against one another for the biggest cash haul possible. There’s no squad to rely on anymore for your cash, so you’ll have to get to work on your own.

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