Anime-inspired visible novel Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness launches on Steam

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Some anime simply screams out for the videogame remedy, doesn’t it? Psycho Pass does, stuffed full with ethical dilemmas, drama, and motion sequences. Its world is the proper match for an open-world crime romp, too, however that’s not what we’re getting – as an alternative a visible novel simply launched. To be sincere, that’s pretty much as good a match as any. 

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I imply, visible novels are no less than good for these ethical dilemmas, proper? Psycho Pass is virtually peppered with them, proper as much as the ultimate twist. 

This is a world the place an individual’s traits are analysed and weaponised in opposition to you by the legislation. It’s Minority Report for Otaku, the place folks will be taken out by the authorities for turning into too emotional. It doesn’t draw back from the violence, both. 

These unusual legal guidelines are overseen by Enforcers, who’re often criminals themselves. This is why they’re so comfy with killing – Psycho Pass’s authorities makes use of the killers to kill the killers, however these are stored on a really tight rope. If they cross the road, they’ll be on the top of one other Enforcer’s bullet.

You can get Psycho Pass on Steam now for $29.99.