After GTA 6 Leaked: Hacker Blackmail and Rockstar Games Statement

yesterday leaking pre-alpha GTA 6 made a lot of noise, and is already called perhaps the largest leak in the history of the gaming industry. Undoubtedly, the case will have long-term consequences.

As expected, there was no public reaction on Sunday. It is obvious that this was the calculation. Even then, the situation inside Rockstar was described as “very bad.” However, despite the day off, Take-Two began to clean up publications with frames from GTA 6. All videos on YouTube got strikes.

The reaction of the public, as usual, was different: from dissatisfaction with what they saw (and this is at the very early stage of development!) To words of support for the developers (among others Naughty Dog co-president responded).

In the meantime, it became known that the motive for the break-in was good old-fashioned blackmail. The hacker himself suggested to the developers contact him. His demand is a five-figure sum (starting at 10 thousand dollars) from the developers. Otherwise, he may arrange an open auction. At the moment, the source code and assets can be put up for sale gta 5, documents of the “six”, as well as, possibly, screenshots, videos and the scenario of Bully 2. The source code of GTA 6 is not for sale yet. One can only imagine the scale of the leak, since more than 1 hour of video footage was leaked as a show of strength…

This whole story doesn’t just smell bad, but could affect the prospects of seeing a sixth installment in the near future. Such an unforeseen event could force the developers to postpone the game to a later date or even start from scratch. But it doesn’t seem to have affected the plans. In any case, this is how you can understand Rockstar Games official statement.

We have suffered an illegal intrusion into our systems, leading to the release of early development footage of the new GTA. At the moment we are not going to make changes to our work.

We are very annoyed that the details our next game have been published in this manner. But we will continue to work on the new Grand Theft Auto as planned to give you, our players, an experience that will exceed your expectations. Soon we will share new details and, of course, present the game as expected. Thank you all for your support!

Copyright holder too reactedstating that he is taking all necessary measures.

However, this is not the end. It’s only the beginning!