A brand new Metro recreation is coming in 2017

Get excited.


The final book in the Metro trilogy is obtainable to pre-order now and the Metro website has been up to date accordingly. Nothing unusual about that.

You can scroll down the timeline on the web page to see how the books and video games match collectively, and – oh! What’s this?

“The next Metro video game,” simply sitting nonchalantly on the backside with a 2017 launch date.

The recreation is about to select up the place the books end, so right here’s a quick abstract of Metro 2035:

“The final part of the trilogy takes us back to Artyom and his struggle to get the people back to the above world they once ruled. This is a standalone story that can be read independently from the previous books and games — yet for those who have been following Artyom from the very beginning, Metro 2035 crowns the saga in its own way. Characters of all the books and games meet here, their destinies intertwine, and everything you knew about the world of Metro is turned upside down…”

So what can we count on for subsequent yr?

“It all adds up to something. Where the books end their story, the game will pick it up. An era of great discoveries lies ahead…”

That’s quite a lot of…

4A Games has been working on two projects, and in an open letter on their web site teased that Arktika.1 (keep in mind these sci-fi screenshots they shared last month?) “is one of TWO projects in development right now.”

If we’re a 2017 launch, the opposite one has obtained to be Metro. Right?

In the meantime, we’ll simply have to attend for official affirmation from the studio or Deep Silver.