A solution for the Overwatch 2 rock problem gets on the method, claims Blizzard

Overwatch 2
(Image credit report: Activision Blizzard)

The lately uncovered Overwatch 2 pest that permits heroes to conceal within a rock results from be taken care of quickly, according to Blizzard. 

As found in the Overwatch subreddit (opens up in brand-new tab), gamers are getting ill of this unscrupulous pest with one Reddit individual sharing their aggravation over gamers making the most of the problem to unjustly win suits. “Just lost a game because of this bug, we shot everything around and she was in the rocks just there, untargetable,” the blog post reviews. 

This blog post obtained a great deal of grip in the subreddit, a lot to make sure that the area supervisor for Overwatch 2, Andy Belford, saw it as well as responded with an upgrade on the scenario. “Forwarding this to our team to check out. As always, please be sure to report this bug in the bug report forums so our QA folks can track it there as well,” the remark read. An hr later on, Andy was back with an additional upgrade which reviewed: “And to follow up, this is fixed in an upcoming update!”

just_lost_a_game_because_of_this_bug_we_shot from r/Overwatch

just_lost_a_game_because_of_this_bug_we_shot from r/Overwatch

just_lost_a_game_because_of_this_bug_we_shot from r/Overwatch

Unfortunately for Blizzard however, you can not please everybody as well as while a great deal of individuals were pleased to listen to that an upgrade got on the method, there’s still a great deal of individuals in the remarks grumbling concerning for how long it considered Blizzard to do anything concerning this pest. “So we have to wait 2 more weeks before an update for an exploit is fixed?”, one individual replied (opens up in brand-new tab) to the area supervisor’s remark.

“This bug has been posted over and over again for days now, maybe even weeks. It’s been on top of this subreddit multiple times,” an additional user said (opens up in brand-new tab), venting their aggravation concerning for how long it considered this concern to be recognized. “Very sad people have to spam post about the same game bug just to get a dev to notice and update the game 3 weeks later,” an additional gamer shared (opens up in brand-new tab).

The pest concerned was initial uncovered recently when one gamer shared that they were able to hide in a specific rock in the Esperanca map – coming to be essentially untouchable for the entire game. At the moment, it was recognized that numerous heroes can carry out this problem in some way, consisting of Mercy, Lucio, Moira, Widowmaker, Kiriko, as well as a lot more. Hopefully, we will not need to wait as well wish for Blizzard to turn out its repair. 

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