Zelda: Breath of the Wild information – the way to tame horses and get Epona from Ocarina of Time

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Reunite with the horse of legend. But it’s a one-time solely deal…

So The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild allows you to tame horses, experience them and provides them a reputation so you possibly can bond with them.

But did you additionally know you’re capable of finding and experience Epona, your devoted steed from Ocarina of Time? Well you possibly can, and right here’s how.

How to get Epona in Breath of the Wild


You’re going to wish the Smash Link Amiibo. Make positive Amiibo assist is turned on along with your Nintendo Switch or WiiU console, then scan the Amiibo on the NFC touchpoint.

And ping! there she is, with tender brown pores and skin and splendid mane.

Now mount Epona and take her to the closest stables, the place you possibly can register your horse.

You’ll discover Epona has maxed out stats; Strength, Speed, Stamina, Max Bond and a Gentle Temperament.

You’ll be charged 20 rupees for a saddle, however simply earlier than you possibly can identify the horse it’ll be recognised as Epona, the horse of legend.

You can now experience Epona or board it on the stables because it’s doable to have a couple of horse in Breath of the Wild.

There are a number of essential factors to notice: it is a one-time solely deal. You should register Epona shortly, and if it dies it received’t be coming again. You can not use the Smash Link Amiibo once more to summon Epona. Basically, when you spawn Epona, don’t get distracted, go straight to the stables.

Your Smash Link Amiibo isn’t utterly redundant although: if you happen to faucet it on the NFC touchpoint as soon as each 24 hours there’s a change you’ll spawn a chest with a chunk Link’s outfit from Twilight Princess.

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