You can still purchase electronic Wii U and also 3DS games, yet not for lengthy

A New Nintendo 3DS with the Super Smash Bros. game on display.

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There isn’t much time delegated purchase games and also electronic web content for Nintendo’s 3DS/2DS and also Wii U. Nintendo will certainly shut the electronic shops for both platforms on March 27, which implies that you require to act rapidly if you desire brand-new electronic games at their list prices, and also to get some Virtual Console titles.

If you haven’t made use of either console in a while, or if you’re purchasing an utilized design right as they’re about to slide even more right into obscurity (I completely sustain this choice), it can be puzzling to understand precisely exactly how to provide Nintendo your cash for electronic games.

Can’t I simply utilize a charge card?

No, you can no more include your bank card to these systems to purchase a game. That capability was eliminated in May 2022. Slightly later on in the year, Nintendo made it so you can’t retrieve eShop present cards through these gaming consoles. As of currently, you have 2 alternatives for including funds to buy eShop games for 3DS and also Wii U. One is with My Nintendo Store, the Nintendo internet site where you can retrieve an eShop present card to place funds on your account, or buy the precise game that you desire with claimed funds, or with a charge card.

Alternatively, you can retrieve an eShop present card or electronically include funds with your Nintendo Switch through its eShop. This thinks that your old Nintendo Network ID and also your Nintendo Account have actually been combined (extra on the merging procedure listed below).

$45 Nintendo eShop gift card

  • $45

Prices taken sometimes of posting.

OK, funds are included. Time to downlo—

Wait. There’s one more hurdle that you could need to leap over, unless you’ve done it currently. That is the combining of your Nintendo Network ID with a Nintendo Account, the latter of which is what Nintendo presented in 2017 with the Switch and also remains to utilize (both the 3DS household of systems and also the Wii U usage NNID accounts). Your shared eShop equilibrium, if you have an equilibrium, will certainly turn up on these gaming consoles as soon as you’ve combined them onto a particular Nintendo Account.

How can I purchase electronic 3DS games?

This one’s simple. Once you have your accounts combined and also are equipped with some eShop funds, you can purchase games straight with your 3DS or 2DS console. However, I recommend purchasing on the My Nintendo Store website, which is much faster to browse and also check out with. You can conveniently look for 3DS games there — a lot of which are greatly marked down in advance of the eShop shop’s closure.

How can I purchase electronic Wii U games?

This one’s a little harder. Wii U games and also all Virtual Console games purchasable with the Wii U eShop aren’t offered with your web browser on the My Nintendo Store. That’s regrettable! To tons up on games, you’ll require to do that straight with the Wii U’s charming, yet extremely slow-moving user interface.

A black Wii U GamePad and console sit on top of a glossy surface.

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What takes place to my eShop equilibrium after March 27?

Assuming you’ve combined accounts, the staying equilibrium on either gadget will certainly be offered for usage on Switch electronic games. If you don’t combine your accounts prior to the closure, you’ll likely shed your funds.

Can I redownload games that I’ve bought?

Yes, and also for the near future, according to Nintendo’s support article describing the closure. Similarly, Nintendo states that the capability to play games online will certainly linger past the eShop closure.


Source: Polygon

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