Yeule Shares New Danny L Harle-Produced Song “Too Dead Inside”: Listen

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From the Singapore-born, London-based artist Nat Ćmiel’s upcoming album Glitch Princess

Yeule Shares New Danny L HarleProduced Song “Too Dead Inside” Listen
Yeule (Photo by Ethan Lai).

Yeule is the moniker of Singapore-born, London-based artist Nat Ćmiel, who has shared a new single called “Too Dead Inside.” The track is produced by Danny L Harle, and appears on Yeule’s upcoming album Glitch Princess, out February 4 via Bayonet Records.

“‘Too Dead Inside’” has a vocal flow that’s kind of like a soft-spoken confession,” Yeule said o their new single in a press release. They continued:

I thought it was interesting to use a jungle beat for a song within the Yeule sonic sphere. I think I wanted to see if lyricism had potential to pull a shiny, new, up-beat aesthete into a darker realm. Some days I find myself having little to no reaction to things that happen, good or bad. It’s as though I just close off from everything. I might as well be a ghost. I’m watching everything from above, detached from reality. I watched someone die before, and they really wanted to live. A lot of the time, we like to say we’re dead inside. I think it’s the way we cope, because it’s just too familiar and too convenient to be absent. I think I always had a lust for life despite romanticising death often. When something happens to you that leaves an imprint, a deep scar, it takes the reaction threshold of emotion away. On some glimmering days, I see it come back. And when beautiful things happen, it can be very beautiful. Just like how ugly it can be.

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