World of Warcraft Dragonflight: 2 brand-new video clips, one in CGI, the various other for the Dracthyrs course

There are much less than 15 days left prior to the arrival of World of Warcraft Dragonflight, the brand-new expansion which will certainly be released on November 29 on computer. Obviously, on the side of Blizzard Entertainment, we began to prepare the ground with 2 brand-new video clips. The initially, absolutely in CGI, advises us just how much the workshop has actually grasped the codes of computer animated movies, with an ever before so stylish making and also disclosing a chase series in between 2 dragons, one red, the various other blue. Obviously, we can uncover a brand-new location, the Dragon Islands, which need to take a breath brand-new life. The 2nd video clip highlights the brand-new course of this large DLC: The Dracthyr Evocators.

These have the particularity of being able Freely alternating in between 2 adjustable types: a humanoid look and also a draconic manifestation. In this type, they will certainly have the ability to strike their challengers from a range with their breath, their fangs and also their claws, or concentrate on recovery, and also reinforcing their allies with the magical presents of the dragons. Players that produce evoker dracthyrs will certainly have the ability to tailor both their draconic character, committed to deal with, and also the humanoid type that will certainly enable them to connect with the citizens of Azeroth. Note that dracthyr evokers will certainly begin at degree 58, obtain a unique pursuit line and also can pick to sign up with the Alliance or the Horde.


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