‘Women, Power, Freedom’: Hear a New Electronic Compilation From 12 Iranian Female Producers



Marisa Bazan

Since Iranian uprisings versus the nation’s overbearing routine started last loss, one silver living is that the songs of Iranian artists is being discovered as well as paid attention to by a worldwide target market.

Two of these musicians, manufacturers AIDA as well as Nesa Azadikhah, have actually curated Woman, Life, Freedom, a 12-song collection of initial digital songs from women Iranian musicians launched on Friday (Jan 20) using Apranik Records, established in 2022 as a feedback to the objections.

“Woman, Life, Freedom” is the motto for this activity, which started upon the murder of 22-year-old Iranian lady, Mahsa Amini, by the nation’s principles cops onSep 16, 2022. The international cascade from around the world following these objections have actually has located its means right into all art kinds, with songs perhaps at the center.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s penalty of its individuals with jail time, sentences as well as implementations– consisting of that of top-level people such as rap artist Toomaj Salehi– is inspiring musicians to develop. Featuring women Iranian manufacturers TK SarrSew, MENTRIX as well as Sharona Lico in addition to AIDA as well as Azadikhah, Woman, Life, Freedom varies stylishly from electro to breaks to techno, ambient as well as speculative. The tracks are strong as well as unapologetic, with subjects as well as ideas completely connected to the existing circumstance inIran

AIDA as well as Azadikhah stand for the backs of the Iranian populace range. AIDA is an Iranian manufacturer living abroad, with her international point of view as well as solid origins to her genealogical nation both mirrored in her songs. A DJ/producer that’s similarly competent in playing conventional Iranian tools, Azadikhah stays in the funding city of Tehran, producing within the boundaries of a program which counts on the silencing of females, specifically in track.

“The theme of this collection is power, defiance, and ferocity and can be heard across all of the tracks,” AIDA as well as Azadikhah share in a declaration. “This is the energy with which Iranian women continue to push for freedom. We dream of a future where women and girls can openly and safely practice, grow, and shine within arts, especially electronic music.”

Proceeds from the not-for-profit collection will certainly profit charities focused on aiding females that are battling inIran The initially of these Iran- based companies particularly help females as well as kids recouping from residential physical violence, dependency, being homeless as well as social distress.

Listen to as well as acquisitionWoman, Life, Freedom via Bandcamp


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