Where to discover Crystals in Cult of the Lamb

A group of cultists in Cult of the Lamb’s Pilgrim’s Passage lighthouse

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There’s a lighthouse in Cult of the Lamb‘s Pilgrim’sPassage Once you sustain up the lighthouse with timber to finish the Light in the Darkness mission, you’ll obtain a brand-new mission–Refractions The cultists in the lighthouse will certainly ask you for 25 Crystals.

In this Cult of the Lamb Crystal overview, we’ll clarify where to discover those Crystals.

Unlock Anchordeep

Each of Cult of the Lamb‘s 4 areas offer you a various source. Darkwood is where you’ll collect Camellia blossoms to recover your cultists, Anura obtains you Menticide Mushroom Spores to persuade them, Anchordeep is for Crystals, and also Silk Cradle is where you’ll discover Spider Silk.

The door to Cult of the Lamb’s Anchordeep area

Image: Massive Monster/Devolver Digital through Polygon

On the much left side of the globe choice display, you’ll discover the door to Anchordeep — the diocesan Kallamar‘s location. To obtain the door opened up, you’ll require at least 9 followers.

Once you’ve struck that limit, simply come close to the door to open it.

Collect Crystals

With the door to Anchordeep open, you simply require to campaign awhile. You’ll get Crystals like any type of various other loot– specifically from upper bodies when you get rid of a space, however additionally from simply ruining the atmosphere.

Refractions benefit

Cult of the Lamb’s lighthouse cultists rewarding The Lamb with a new follower form that looks like an axolotl.

Image: Massive Monster/Devolver Digital through Polygon

Once you have 25 Crystals, head back to the lighthouse is Pilgrim’s Passage to get a brand-new fan kind that resembles the head of the lighthouse cult (an axolotl, I believe).


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