We’re streaming Nioh once more: come watch us juggle swords, debate the deserves of magic and customarily kick butt

Nioh offers you a whole lot of selections of weapons and expertise. What ought to we take to face the yokai?

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Nioh is again for an additional streaming session as Shabana continues her fearless progress by way of Team Ninja’s powerful as nails motion RPG.

At this stage within the recreation, choices for expertise and weapons are actually opening up, and after I tuned in there was a little bit of a debate happening with chat over what to put money into given Shabana’s most popular playstyle, which is fairly aggressive. Nioh favours the daring, it’s true, however that block button is price determining.

When it involves the actually powerful fights, we’ve a Nioh boss guide, which is a few assist – however like Dark Souls, it’s a must to discover an strategy of your personal to make the little strolls between boss fights manageable.

It looks as if Nioh is rather less cheesey than the Souls sequence, which positively delights in letting you keep away from face-to-face fights; Team Ninja is clearly very happy with its exact motion. Has that been your expertise?