Week motorcycles and experiment Rockstar Games

Week motorcycles and experiment Rockstar Games

In multiplayer GTA Online started a new week of bonuses and discounts. The jobs associated with motorcycles to bring income and entertainment. And today, exactly a year since the release of patch “Casino-hotel Diamond“who brought us interesting content. All proposals will be valid until the morning of July 30.

Deadly deadline

Participate in the confrontation of “deadline”, leaving a deadly trail to trap and blow up your opponents. Use special features (acceleration, deceleration time and high jump), think over the trajectory for devious traps. If you’re successful, you’ll get three times as much GTA$ and reputation points.

Biker smuggling

Biker smuggling

The presidents of the clubs this week will be enriched by the sales of goods from Moto enterprises (‘ll get twice as much GTA$). For a successful sale, we recommend you hire at least one, and preferably two thugs.

The stuntmen are not born but made

The stuntmen are not born but made

Finished with pressing matters in the club, go to the stunt race, created by Rockstar, and try yourself in the role of a desperate racer, who challenged his fate. Speed down the steep wall or the whitefish over the river Zancudo of you do not take courage. The risk is well paid. Finishing the race, you will receive twice as much GTA$ and reputation points.

Prize transport

Prize transport — Progen GT1

Play. Casino-Diamond hotel has a free access to the wheel of fortune. It is possible to twist only once in the present day. Try to win GTA$, reputation points, clothing, secret prizes or prize vehicles.

Rockstar Games has updated the prize transport on the podium. Meet Progen GT1 (a copy of the McLaren F1) — classic supercar, a limited edition (106 pieces), will be yours if luck is on your side.

Discount of your choice

Rockstar Games holds an interesting experiment in interaction with the gaming community. This weekend we are invited to participate in games modes “Battle arena”. Choose transport from the variations of “Nightmare”, “Apocalypse” or “Fantastic” to have fun in fun mode. Variation of transport which will choose most often, will receive a 50% discount next week.



  • Muscle Vapid Clique – 40% off
  • the muscle car Declasse Tulip — 40% discount,
  • tricycle Western Rampant Rocket – 40% discount,
  • motorcycle Nagasaki Shotaro — 35% discount,
  • luxury car Grotti X80 Proto — 35% discount,
  • special car Imponte Ruiner 2000 — 35% discount,
  • waterfowl ATV Nagasaki Blazer Aqua – save 35%.

Time trial — “Steb-city”

Time trial can generate up to 104,000 GTA$. For the conquest of time required, once you will pay 100,000 GTA$ + GTA from 1,000$ to 4,000 GTA$ for the complexity of the track. Time trial is the best opportunity to demonstrate their desire for records or quick to earn more than 100,000 GTA$.

Time trial RC — “Power”

The owners of RC Bandito can participate in a special time trial.

To purchase RC Bandito can only be subject to the availability of the garage in the workshop of the Maze Bank arena. Go to the in-game website Southern San Andreas Super Autos and buy RC Bandito.

Time trial RC can generate up to 104,000 GTA$. For the conquest of time required, once you will pay 100,000 GTA$ + GTA from 1,000$ to 4,000 GTA$ for the complexity of the track.

Premium race — the “Business trip” (for supercars)

To participate in the premium race, you have to pay the entry fee in the amount of 20,000 GTA$. Drive into the yellow circle with the $ sign and subscribe to a premium race. Each victory in the bonus race will bring – 100,000 GTA$, second place – 30,000 GTA$, third place – 20,000 GTA$ and triple the accrual of reputation points for all riders.

Special offers for members of Rockstar Games + Twitch Prime

Spectacular sports car Bravado Verlierer will decorate your garage

Players who have linked their accounts to Twitch Prime and Social Club may receive the award in the amount of 200,000 GTA$ when you log in to GTA Online every day from 23 to 30 July (funds will be transferred to your account in-game Maze Bank within 72 hours). But if you went into GTA Online last week, continue in the same spirit: if you visit the game each of the next three weeks, you will earn a total of 1,000,000 GTA $.

Bonuses affiliate program Rockstar Games Social Club Twitch Prime this week:

  • night club “Vespucci Canals” — a 100% discount,
  • the sports car Bravado Verlierer — 80% discount,
  • flying motorcycle Pegassi Oppressor — discount 70%.

Setbonus for PlayStation Plus subscribers

Every month before the release of GTA Online on the PlayStation 5 owners subscription of PS Plus and PS4 version of the game will get a million GTA$. Distribution this month will last until the morning of 6 August. Then another million will be credited up to a release.

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