Watch V’s Solo Live Performance of ‘Blue’ on Stage with Laid Back Vibes

V‘s Layover track “Blue” got the music video treatment earlier this week, showcasing the BTS member in black and white while he impatiently searched for someone at an apartment complex to no avail. The impatience from the video took a back seat in V’s real-time efficiency of “Blue” on Friday (Sept. 15) for Naver’s NPOP, yet the black-and-white filter stayed as he took the phase.

The removed back display includes V putting on a comparable want to the one in the “Blue” video clip, including a studded black natural leather coat, matching black natural leather trousers and also a timeless white Tees. The BTS singer takes the phase solo, with white smoke rippling on the flooring around him and also the lights style looking like fragments of glass.

“What if I show you/ And make it all new/ Green, yellow, red, blue/ Whatever seems good to you/ A day to the moon/ Like borrowed stars/ Everyone’s looking at you/ But, baby, you’re all blue, blue/ Blue, blue/ Blue, blue/ Blue, blue/ Blue, blue, blue,” the 27-year-old sings on the initial knowledgeable and also carolers.

The brand-new efficiency of “Blue” comes in the middle of the arrival of V’s Tiny Desk Korea established, where he executed a collection of tracks from Layover on Sept. 14. His efficiency — a short 3 tunes — consisted of cd tracks “Love Me Again,” “Slow Dancing” and also “For Us.”

Watch V’s brand-new efficiency of “Blue” over.



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