Warzone gamers left irritated over “game-breaking” audio problems included Season 4 Reloaded

“I got squished by a helicopter that literally made no sound”

Call of Duty Warzone
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Fans are venting their aggravation over the audio problems tormenting Warzone Season 4 Reloaded.

The brand-new Warzone upgrade went online recently, including a zombie-themed occasion to Fortune’s Keep as well as Terminator aesthetic packages. Unfortunately, it additionally appears to have actually brought some severe noise issues to Activision’s fight royale offering.

As reported by Charlie Intel (opens up in brand-new tab), Warzone followers have actually seen that gamers as well as cars have actually been making no noise whatsoever, which isn’t perfect in a game where responding to the sounds around you is essential for surviving. In a blog post on the Warzone subreddit (opens up in brand-new tab), one individual asked whether the game’s sound has “sunk to a game-breaking quality level” for various other gamers. “I could have two guys sprinting behind me and hear nothing whatsoever,” described the gamer.

Sadly, they are much from alone, “Literally had a guy parachute down a shaft right on top of me”, responded one individual. “Didn’t hear anything on my side. I would think I would have heard that.” Another gamer explained just how they were quickly obtained by a quiet chopper, “The other day I got squished by a helicopter that literally made no sound as it approached me.”

has_audio_sunk_to_a_game_breaking_quality_level from r/CODWarzone

Multiple Warzone followers keep in mind that the sound has actually gotten worse adhering to the most recent upgrade. “I felt that it was starting to get better with the S4 drop, but I think this last patch screwed something up,” commented individualWildesane Raven Software is most certainly familiar with the problem, however when a repair will certainly be offered is anybody’s assumption. Until after that, you’ll need to maintain your eyes added peeled off when on the battleground.

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