Warzone 2 simply eliminated among gamers’ preferred XP farming makes use of

Warzone 2
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Warzone 2 has actually disabled Most Wanted Contracts after gamers discovered a problem that obviously increased the quantity of XP you’d typically gain by finishing those goals.

Just the other day, the YouTube account Running Butcher (opens up in brand-new tab) shared an explainer on exactly how you can greater than increase the XP you gain from finishing Most Wanted Contracts in Warzone 2. It’s obviously as very easy as beginning a Most Wanted Contract, making it throughout of the agreement’s timer, and afterwards opening up a loot dog crate equally as you finish the goal. Players reported gaining virtually 14,000 XP without utilizing any kind of XP-doubling symbols.

Unfortunately for XP farmers, Infinity Ward has actually disabled Most Wanted Contracts relatively in straight action to this problem. Over on the Trello board (opens up in brand-new tab) for Warzone 2 as well as Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward keeps in mind that Most Wanted Contracts have actually been gotten rid of “until further notice” while it “investigates an issue.” It does not clearly point out the double-XP problem, yet I’d be extremely shocked if the manipulate is still about when Most Wanted Contracts ultimately return.

As much as problems go, one that nets you a crapload of XP is much from the most awful we have actually seen in Warzone 2 in the brief time it’s been out. To name simply a couple of instances, the well known Warzone 2 “Superman” glitch has actually raised its hideous head once again, as has the all-too-familiar invisibility glitch. One can just visualize those will certainly be covered out relatively rapidly, as well.

To obtain our complete ideas on the follow up, moles as well as all, take a look at our (underway) Warzone 2 review.


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