Warzone 2 and also Modern Warfare 2 make the drill cost also much better at eliminating campers

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) screenshot
(Image debt: Activision)

After the launch of Warzone 2 and also Modern Warfare 2 period 1, the cherished camper-countering drill cost is much better than ever before. 

The drill charge became a fan favorite virtually over night for its capacity to punch with wall surfaces and also conveniently get to gamers that’ve burrowed behind-the-scenes someplace, and also today’s huge upgrade makes it also much better at eliminating extremely protective gamers. As Infinity Ward outlined in the full patch notes (opens up in brand-new tab), sticking a drill cost to somebody’s trouble guard will certainly currently “always kill the player … even if they have the Bomb Squad perk.” 

This could seem like a little modification, yet the Riot Shield is both typical of turtle methods and also among minority counters to the drill cost. Just days back Modern Warfare 2 gamers were regreting that the trouble guard efficiently closes down the or else deadly nitroglycerin. 

sticking_a_drill_charge_to_riot_shield_does_not from r/modernwarfare2

Not any longer. The drill cost can currently formally punch with primarily whatever, consisting of whatever undestroyable alloy the friggin’ trouble guard is constructed from. On top of that, it’s currently component of the Warzone 2 sandbox. 

If you might return a year and also ask followers of Call of Duty’s initial fight royale if they would certainly such as a portable, trouble shield-piercing, wall-puncturing, camper-killing giant, about 99% of them would certainly state yes, with the various other 1% being campers quavering in concern of their brand-new god. This point was currently devastating in conventional Call of Duty multiplayer, and also the stressful, close-quarters chases after and also shootouts of Warzone 2 are definitely excellent for it. 

The Modern Warfare 2 update today additionally brings greatly asked for SP-R nerfs and also M16 enthusiasts. 


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