Update #24 Released and Available Now!

Greetings everyone,

We’re committed to enhancing the stability and functionality of Baldur’s Gate 3. Today, we’re deploying a minor hotfix aimed at rectifying several glitches and optimizing performance.

Encountering issues with Short Rest? We’ve identified a glitch where players were unable to initiate a Short Rest if they had previously recruited and then dismissed Us from their party before loading specific saves. We’ve addressed this issue with our charming yet troublesome intellect devourer, ensuring that your abilities to take brief rests are fully restored.

Attention, Mac users: We’ve successfully corrected a problem introduced in an earlier hotfix that resulted in decreased performance and frame rate drops on macOS. Please make sure to update your game with this newest hotfix and verify that your game version is

As always, should you encounter any problems following the installation of this latest hotfix, we recommend initially removing all mods to see if the issue persists. Should problems remain, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team and provide a detailed report for further assistance.

We are persistently working on additional corrections and updates. Meanwhile, we extend our gratitude for your continuous support of Baldur’s Gate 3.

  • Amended an issue that could cause a crash during the cinematic transition from Act II to Act III.
  • Rectified a glitch preventing players from initiating a Short Rest after having recruited and later dismissed Us, followed by loading certain saves.
  • Corrected Us’s inappropriate appearances at the camp and other waypoints.
  • Resolved a previously reported problem from Hotfix 21 that led to diminished performance on Mac.


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