Undertale creator reveals subsequent game in playable… factor

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“FOR PUBLIC SAFETY, YOU ARE ADVISED TO REFRAIN FROM DISCUSSION OF THE PROGRAM FOR 24 HOURS,” Undertale creator Toby Fox says about his mysterious new… factor. I wouldn’t need to broadcast hazardous data willy-nilly, so I’ll chorus from that and easily say that the brand new factor appears to be named Deltarune and Fox wants you to download and run a… thing. It’s a survey, he says. For these keen to take their lives of their palms and browse harmful data, I’ll clarify extra.

The mysterious program appears to be a playable teaser part for Fox’s subsequent RPG, which stars some acquainted Undertale characters and continues that Undertale-y ‘make love not war’ vibe. The playable bit focuses on two mismatched college students who fall into one other world, meet a prince, and have to embark upon a grand quest to revive steadiness and all that. I’m digging it up to now, and just like the get together dynamic. And it’s positively nowt to do with Zelda and the Triforce, okay.

It’s massive. Really massive for one thing introduced as a survey. I’ve performed 45 minutes up to now and there’s nonetheless extra. Maybe it is a entire game? Won’t I look silly. Fox launched an Undertale “demo” containing the game’s opening chapter two years earlier than the total launch, so maybe that’s what’s happening right here. I think we’ll hear extra after a day. Or as soon as I’ve completed this dang factor.

If you don’t know what all that is about, do see our Undertale review and our former Adam (RPS in peace) chatting with himself about its appeal.

You can obtain the Deltarune… factor from Deltarune’s site for Windows and Mac. On Windows, you’ll probably have to click on by means of some warnings to get it in:


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