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With Sunsoft dealing with their instead unusual resurgence, it looked like an inevitable final thought that they’d at some point navigate to Hebereke. It was most likely the business’s most respected game collection, nevertheless, extending throughout numerous games throughout the ‘90s.

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The series never really came to North America, but a few were localized for Europe. The first time we saw it on this side of the ocean was when the first game was released on Wii Virtual Console under its European name, Ufouria: The Saga. That was, unfortunately, locked at running at the PAL’s 50hz, that made it run much faster on modern-day screens.

For the remainder of the games of the collection, they oddly never ever gone back to the initial formula of quasi-Metroidvania. The collection experienced auto racing, challenge fixing, and also sector combating, yet never ever back to sidescroller. That adjustments currently, as Hebereke 2, emergency room, Ufouria: The Saga 2 is the closest the collection has actually concerned the initial formula. End testimonial.

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Ufouria: The Saga 2 (PC [Reviewed], Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X|S)
Developer: Tasto Alpha
Publisher: Sunsoft
Released: February 28, 2024, March 1, 2024 (Switch)
MSRP: $24.99

Okay, so if you’re not acquainted, Hebereke… I imply, Ufouria: The Saga, is a gated expedition game where you trip to locate brand-new good friends and capabilities to make progression in various other locations. It’s penalty. It’s a good sidescroller, if a little underwhelming and basic. However, its individuality made it genuinely unforgettable.

HebeUfouria: The Saga includes 4 personalities that you can switch in between. The major personality is a penguin called Hebe, yet he was transformed to a snowman with the superb name, Bop-Louie, in the European variation. He was signed up with by O-Chan, an individual in a feline match, Sukezaemon, a ghost in sunglasses, and Jennifer, a deep sea fishermen fish.

The arrangement in Ufouria: The Saga 2 is a bit various. You still attempt and construct your event and unlock abilities to continue to brand-new locations, yet the game globe has a much easier design. It comes down to a first center location that divides off right into semi-randomized, primarily straight degrees. 

The objective of these locations is, usually, to simply get to completion and possibly beat an employer. Upgrades are administered with a vending maker beside Hebe’s home. You look for “Utsu-cans” throughout your run, which opens brand-new products for acquisition. Then you invest the coins that you accumulate to in fact obtain the products, and past obtaining the various other 3 personalities, this is just how you acquire the abilities required to reach brand-new locations. Even when the group discovers the demand for an ability contextually with expedition, it’s packed in the vending maker to be gotten.

It’s an unusual and virtually insultingly basic method to development in a game similar to this. Imagine if Samus needed to go back to her ship each time she intended to mount a brand-new product. Somehow, this didn’t trouble me.

The tale includes an unusual called Utsujin crashlanding on… Earth or any place this is expected to be. They start spreading out chunks of jam all over, and this jam takes control of individuals’s minds, possibly? The Ufouria gang truly simply appears to believe they’re gross and prefer to Utsujin doesn’t simply drop them on their barbecues.

For the size of the game, you primarily simply chase this unusual around. Of program, whenever you reach them, they simply fly off up until the last face-off. You recognize just how it goes.

It’s a basic tale for a basic game. The actual worth of the story originates from personality communications, which are greatly leaned on. Short acts start frequently. Sometimes when Hebe returns home, after an employer, at the entryway to a brand-new location, or every time you get something from the vending maker, there’s a brief exchange.

Surprisingly, like the vending maker, this didn’t trouble me. Unsurprisingly, this is primarily since a great deal of the communications are amusing. The personalities themselves are peculiar, therefore is the method they connect with their globe. Some of it appears particularly fit for a Japanese funny bone, yet the English translation manages it instead well. The acts aren’t constantly rewarding, yet I never ever located their consistent disturbances to be unwanted.

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The major concern with Ufouria: The Saga 2 is its simpleness. Its challenges, development, and also platforming all do not have also a whiff of intricacy. I’d state that it seems like an NES game developed for the modern, yet also vanilla Ufouria provided you even more to eat on.

If there’s one standout enhancement, it’s that the personalities speak throughout traversal. Every when and a while, you’ll obtain a notice that a person in your pocket has actually located something. If you push a switch fast sufficient, they’ll bulge and provide you a coin or a coil of poop. The triggers are simple to miss out on, yet the incentives are additionally not usually essential. It’s primarily simply taste to assist you bear in mind that it’s a group of personalities, as opposed to simply one hero.

It’s so damned pleasant. There’s extremely little resistance. Maybe Sunsoft has a more youthful target market in mind, yet I believed children nowadays simply play Fortnite.

Regardless, it end up functioning well. The visual has actually a crafted appearance regarding it, with the personalities and histories having a needle-felted look with roaming hairs of fiber jabbing out in all instructions. The soundtrack is chirpy and charming, and the opponents have a superficial silliness to them. It’s lovable without being as bland as a few of the animations focused on more youthful youngsters nowadays.

Ufouria: The Saga 2 Hebe cleaning his face in the toilet.
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It additionally does some wonderful callbacks and also referrals the local adjustments made in the European variation of Ufouria on NES, with Bop-Louie making a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo. It reveals a great deal of respect for the collection all at once. I couldn’t locate any kind of crossover in between the designer (Tasto Alpha) and the group behind the initial, yet it’s tough to inform. They definitely made it their very own.

And that’s typically the Ufouria: The Saga 2 ambiance. Regardless of just how you really feel regarding the absence of difficulty and the simpleness of the layout, there aren’t truly any kind of recognizable cut edges. It appears to recognize specifically what it is. It’s a brief (3-5 hours) tour with a carefully produced rebirth of an old franchise business with a great deal of untapped possibility. It’s possibly not mosting likely to establish your globe ablaze, yet if you have any kind of love for Hebereke, after that it’s a beneficial homage. Even if you don’t have the previous knowledge, its simplicity, speed, and traits imply that it will certainly be, at the minimum, a comfy experience.

To placed it extra poetically, Ufouria: The Saga 2 may not be a game for your mind, yet it’s one for your heart.


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