Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: A Review

When I saw that Final Fantasy 7 Remake appeared in 2020, I needed to do a triple-take. Really? It was out on PS4, 4 years earlier? No method!

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Alas, time makes fools people all, and the 2nd component of that remake, not-confusingly-at-all-named Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is below. If you were sorta-kinda undecided concerning this entire point after the very first entrance, you’d possibly enjoy this set.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (PS5)
Developer: Square Enix Creative Business Unit I
Publisher: Square Enix
Released: February 29, 2024
MSRP: $69.99

Rebirth takes us out of the bleak city of Midgar and out right into the wider globe. Well, it’s even more like a collection of substantial areas covering interconnected sandboxes comprising that globe, to be exact, as this is a various monster completely. Square Enix has actually jointly dealt with many elements of the initial, both in and out of fight. We’ll reach that, yet suffice it to claim that points obtain rolling really swiftly (as holds true with the majority of center access of a trilogy).

For a “part two” of a substantial JRPG collection, it’s exceptionally paced. We’re in the thick of it instantly, with Cloud disclosing an instead huge story from his past, incorporating the impending hazard of large poor Sepiroth, and re-familiarizing us with the existing event. I was “in” today, much quicker than Remake got me. That could be all you require to listen to. If so, that’s terrific! For the remainder of you, allow’s discuss why Rebirth is so effective at what it does.

Rebirth, in some way, is just as curious about allowing you cut loose with odd sidequests (consisting of a fully-fledged card game with booster packs, a globally position, and also a congratulatory cruise ship occasion) and administering hills of tradition. It’s an excellent combination for individuals that are very right into FF7 or could also be leaping right right into Rebirth after enjoying a YouTube recap of Remake.

The FF7 Rebirth party as they ride across the open world on Chocobos.
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I value every one of the added context we obtain from Rebirth beyond the boundaries of Midgar. The globe appears a lot larger currently, and tradition nuts are mosting likely to go wild for several of the added information sprayed in. The crazy boys and women of Square Enix likewise included relationship bonds, which are increased by speaking with colleagues (in addition to claiming the best points), and effect a couple of light story occasions, in addition to fight harmony. It does a wonderful work of allowing the whole event come to life, not simply your individual faves. That beams through almost every voiceover efficiency.

There are a lots of distinct minutes in Rebirth that truly stand out, with scenes like Barret and Red XIII undergoing the Mithril Mines with each other and bantering taking the limelight as a preferred. Nearly every phase has series that play out in between personalities you didn’t truly reach see interact in the initial PS1 variation, and the earlier addition of Yuffie fits so remarkably that you’d be forgiven if you assumed that’s exactly how it constantly functioned. As with any type of excellent remake, several points are played right, yet there’s a healthy and balanced mix of initial, transformed concepts as well. While I’m mosting likely to avoid making any type of discuss the meta-story that was presented in Remake, there are a lots of shocks to uncover and discuss in the years ahead.

I truly require to clear up that this isn’t a completely open-world game, yet I got right into that relatively swiftly. As phases development, you’ll get to brand-new areas, of which there are 6 (in the middle of various other smaller sized areas to discover). Those are 6 official sandboxes to stroll about in, with land-based automobiles or Chocobos, keyed with sidequests and various other tricks. It’s not fairly as grand as obtaining an aircraft and going hog-wild around the world, yet there’s lots loaded right into Rebirth to maintain you transcending the 100-hour mark: particularly if you jab around every one of the minigames available.

Rufus, as he appears in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
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Some of you could be reviewing this evaluation simply to see if they half-assed the Gold Saucer: Final Fantasy 7‘s famous Chuck E. Cheese/casino. Nope! In fact, it’s increased contrasted to the initial performance and is a fully-fledged center with lots of rewards to unlock and gain long-lasting. I located myself investing several hours in it simply strolling around aimlessly, and I still have actually plenty delegated do. And, talking arbitrary time-filling minigames, we have actually reached discuss Queen’s Blood especially.

Even as a huge tabletop follower, I stood up to the alarm’s tune of this in-universe card game for numerous phases prior to I gave up. Once I began, I couldn’t quit. With easy Othello-like positioning regulations, Queen’s Blood is really simple to find out, yet there’s a significant quantity of deepness to it. As you proceed you’ll gain much more cards, which consequently can present brand-new search phrases, much like a future collection launch in Magic: The Gathering. I went from neglecting Queen’s Blood NPC symbols to proactively seeking them out, increasing my card collection all the while.

Another point that I’d be remiss to exclude of this analysis is the soundtrack. It appears hyperbolic, yet FF7 Rebirth has among the most effective Final Fantasy ratings of perpetuity. I imply there are a great deal of them now, and I’ve heard them all, yet the mix of brand-new songs plus some skillful reworks of a handful of traditional tracks truly places this near the top for me. Again, I’d enjoy to simply ruin a couple of below and discuss them in detail, yet you’ll see a few of the standouts on your own either in-game or on YouTube. People will certainly be sharing them!

Combat, on the various other hand, is not mosting likely to substantially persuade individuals that didn’t dig it in the initial. It’s still quite in accordance with the core system Square Enix developed for Remake, and it’s most likely to advance throughout the trilogy. Dodging and obstructing are still a significant emphasis, as are capability and [materia-based] magic commands, and mashing a strike switch to obtain Active Time Battle (ATB) evaluates to in fact terminate off stated bombs. It is a little flashier though, with a boosted concentrate on perfect-timing insusceptibility, in addition to collaborating group strikes.

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How involving you’ll locate fight is drastically linked to the intricacy of the experience, which ups and downs throughout the game. Bosses have a tendency to be much more included, asking gamers to blend their strategies (past simply making use of weak points) by targeting weak spots and responding swiftly to large strikes. The “stagger” system returns (in which opponents are for a moment available to tougher hits after diminishing their endurance meter), which can really feel both memorizing and very interesting in the exact same experience.

Like Final Fantasy XIV, the much more showy a battle is, the even more enjoyable you’ll have. Many employers have numerous stages, total with ridiculous change series, a flourishing rating, and continuous critical mixups. There suffice of these peppered right into the game (consisting of brand-new ones) to maintain points spicy, in between every one of the lower-stakes garbage cleaning.

You likewise have what I call “customization satisfaction.” With a simple ability tree system taking control of the orbital round track of Remake, you’ll still have the ability to select your field of expertises in addition to understanding tool abilities and, normally, slotting in lots of product to your heart’s web content.

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One substantial point to note is that not every little thing has actually been taken care of when it concerns a couple of underlying problems. For one, the food selections can be a problem, with event arranging choices often obfuscated behind several clicks. More event participants suggests even more troubles, even more product and devices to port, and much more capabilities to micromanage. It’s not specifically challenging or stimulating, mind, it’s simply periodically bothersome. It’s likewise mainly an endgame trouble (which is when you get the majority of the devices that has myriad product ports), yet it’s still a concern.

The difficult “chapter-based” system functions when you’re informing the tale the very first time, yet like Remake, it’s very inflexible on re-tellings, and when you’re ready for endgame cleaning. For the purpose of openness, I had one difficult collision in Chapter 3, yet after filling an auto-save and missing out on no development, it never ever took place once again. That’s the only actual technological concern I had the whole time in my 50+ hour conclusion trip.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in some way takes care of to rotate several plates without wrecking any one of them. It’s outrageous significant when it intends to be, and it’s entirely unreasonable in the following minute. Great Final Fantasy games have actually constantly taken care of to stroll this line, and it’s a testimony to exactly how the brand name has actually remained appropriate for years at a time.



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