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Resident Evil Village Review: An Endearing Imitator With Big Ideas of Its Own

If imitation is still the sincerest form of flattery, Resident Evil Village is the sincerest of all Resident Evil games. It wears its inspirations on Ethan Winters’ battered sleeves and doesn’t shy away from what came before it, though those…
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New Pokemon Snap Review: An Impressive Sequel to a Great Game

New Pokemon Snap is an improved version of one of the most beloved Pokemon games of all time and absolutely provides countless hours of discovery and fun. For many Pokemon fans, Pokemon Snap was one of the first moments where…
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Review: Mod Corner: Top Most Hilarious Fallout Mods

Now that the news is official that Microsoft has acquired Bethesda, we figured this would be the perfect topic to discuss for our latest mods recommendation list! With our previous recommendation list talking about how to bring Dragon Age into…
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Review: Ranking Mortal Kombat's On-Screen Adaptations [UPDATED]

Mortal Kombat’s colorful fighters, deep (read: ridiculous) lore, and over-the-top violence lends itself to film and TV better than most game franchises. Who doesn’t want to watch a demonic hell ninja rip the heart out of a shape-shifting wizard? That’s money baby, and Hollywood…
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Review: Mortal Kombat Movie Spoilercast

Click here to watch embedded media For years, video game fans the world over have been languishing from bad movie adaptations of their favorite series (besides the first Tomb Raider joint, that movie was dope). But in recent years, with the…
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Review: Super Replay Is Back With Bloodborne

Click to watch embedded media Are you ready for more Bloodborne? Join us for part seven of the Bloodborne Super Replay today at 2 PM CT! Are you ready for a chilling thrill ride through FromSoftware’s masterpiece? Bloodborne is a dark horror…
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