Trailer Released for ‘SPYxFAMILY’ Season 2 Opener: Featuring Ado’s ‘Kurakura’



Courtesy of Ado

The upcoming brand-new period of the preferred television anime SPYxFAMILY will certainly include a brand-new track by Ado called “Kurakura” as its opening signature tune. 

“Kurakura” will certainly go down electronically worldwide on Thursday, Oct. 5, in advance of the program’s period 2 best in Japan on Oct. 7. The track was composed by meiyo, with setup and also efficiencies by Yoko Kanno x SEATBELTS. The coat art work is by musician s!on.

“I’m so happy to be in charge of the opening theme for SPYxFAMILY!” claims Ado. “The songwriter is meiyo. Let your imagination run free about what the song will be like from the title ‘Kurakura’ and what kind of excitement is packed in it, and look forward to its release!”

Check out the period 2 trailer including Ado’s opener and also Vaundy’s finishing signature tune “Todome no Ichigeki feat. Cory Wong” listed below:



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