Tower of Fantasy songs note Ring of Echos challenge overview

A Tower of Fantasy character stands in front of a stump puzzle in Ring of Echos

Image: Perfect World through Polygon

Tower of Fantasy has lots of little problems around the map, consisting of these strange stumps in Ring of Echos that play songs notes when you tip on them. As shown by the minimap, this is an expedition challenge, so there’s loot to be made if you tip on them in the appropriate order.

Our Tower of Fantasy challenge overview describes just how to address the songs note challenge in Ring of Echos.

To determine which stumps to tip on as well as in which order, you simply need to obtain the initial one proper et cetera will certainly radiance in order you require to tip on them. This is the initial one to tip on, near some berry shrubs:

A Tower of Fantasy character stands next to a gold glowing stump

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon|Source pictures: Perfect World

Once you do that, an additional stump will certainly start to radiance, triggering you to tip on that following. The stumps resemble this when radiant:

A girl stands on a bright glowing stump as another one glows behind her

Image: Perfect World through Polygon

After you tip on every one of the stumps in the proper order, an upper body will certainly show up, awarding you with a Gold Nucelus.


Source: Polygon


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