Top 10 Dream Academy Members Share Their ‘Unbreakable Bond’ in HYBE x Geffen Girl Group Contest Debut

HYBE x Geffen’s The Debut: Dream Academy is simply days far from its ending and the lady team’s disclose, and the leading 10 participants took a seat with Billboard‘s Tetris Kelly to assess their time in the competitors thus far.

“I feel like it’s a bond like no other,” Emily shares of her connection with her fellow participants. “Having girls from all over the world is such a special and unique experience, and to be able to share these moments that we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives together has created a bond that’s truly unbreakable. It’s such a blessing to be able to experience it with such amazing girls.”

The leading 10 participants come from around the globe, consisting of Emily, Daniela, Lara and Megan from the United States; Sophia from the Philippines; Manon from Switzerland; Ezrela from Australia; Samara from Brazil; Marquise from Thailand; and Yoonchae from South Korea.

Lara states their variety is additionally their toughness. “The biggest part of this project and the reason why we’re doing this is to represent all our different cultures. It’s so amazing and insane and it’s never been done before,” she shares. “It’s just a big responsibility and it’s so larger than life to be able to represent our people.”

The continuing to be 10 ladies will certainly do at the program’s real-time ending, which is readied to occur on Friday (Nov. 17). The name of the team and its last participants will certainly be exposed after the ending.

“We’ve been doing covers, and now we get a chance to show people what we can create,” Lara states of executing originals for the ending. “It’s the first presentation of what this group will be and what the music is going to be to the world. It’s exciting and nerve-racking too.”

Watch the complete meeting with HYBE x Geffen’s The Debut: Dream Academy leading 10 over.



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