This Mordhau mod will allow you to whack gamers with lutes to type bands

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For so long as Mordhau‘s had lutes, its had people willing to play them in the midst of war. Bards are a common site on battlefields, uniting friend and foe through instruments that can play proper notes and everything. It’s taboo to the touch them.

With a lute outfitted, you may mangle out a tune by waggling your mouse up and down – however you may as well use a mod referred to as LuteBot to robotically play precise songs. A brand new model referred to as LuteMod is within the works, which can let aspiring minstrels whack different aspiring minstrels with their lutes as a way to type bands. It’s all appropriately medieval.

YouTuber “Sesh” has been mucking around with the brand new model. Sesh has principally been recreating songs from RuneScape, that are far nicer than I keep in mind.

Sadly, it seems all of these individuals are Sesh’s clones, and the mod doesn’t truly work in multiplayer but. More fortunately, it seems Sesh was solely capable of clone himself and take a look at out this new facet of the mod because of a bizarre glitch with spectate mode in native servers.

“Don’t inform the Mordhau devs however this can be a cheeky little glitch. You need to be in an area match. It doesn’t work in any other case. Basically you flip off the harm with the command toggledamage. Now when ever you go into spectate mode your physique might be left behind permitting you to create clones of your self.

“That is where the new band function of the LuteMod comes in! You can add people to your band by giving them a wack with the lute. LuteMod then splits the tracks in the midi up between your band. When you hit play everyone else will begin to play too.”

So for the second, they’re restricted to channeling music into their outdated lifeless husks. Here is a beautiful sea shanty.

New LuteMod Test – RuneScape – Sea Shanty 2 from r/Mordhau

Sesh additionally mentions the brand new model “has a range of four octaves compared to the previous two”, and “the ability to use custom sound fonts”. I don’t know what which means, however I do know I’m wanting ahead to roving bands invading my matches. I couldn’t discover Sesh or anybody else saying when that is perhaps, thoughts.

I do hope this model is less complicated to get working than LuteBot. If you’re not intimidated by convoluted directions and the various commenters struggling to get it working, you may have a stab at that here.



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