This game repairs Myst by including weapons, devils, and also an unwell steel soundtrack

Myst - A scene from Myst, where a forest navigates through a path lined by thin tees, with a mysterious circular structure in the distance.

Image: Cyan Worlds

Myst is just one of one of the most adored point-and-click experience games of perpetuity, recognized for it’s reflective nature and also thoughtful story. But what happens if you tossed every one of that Zen-like expedition of an odd, gorgeous island right gone? The group at Woe Industries was take on sufficient to ask this concern, and also the response they supplied is Myst FPS, a “point-and-kill” experience game that jobs the gamer with something absolutely unique — eliminating devils with a weapon.

You can play Myst FPS on the page for Woe Industries. The game, developed by Peter Henningsen and also Steven Nass, jobs the gamer with the natural adventure of eliminating no much less than 100 demonic entities. All the while, there’s an unwell guitar howling behind-the-scenes while a man incantations “Myst! Myst! to the beat. Hell. Yes.

Myst FPS - pixellated, tiny winged demons attack the player on the step of a marble building from Myst

Image: Woe Industries

If you stop working in your job, the game will regretfully scold you for stopping working to fix the analytical problems of Myst. An effective run finishes with a display that praises you, and afterwards shares a web link to sign up with Mensa International, that a person club for individuals with high Intelligences. It’s a brief shitpost of a game that you can totally absorb in simply a couple of mins, however it’s a quite amusing couple of mins nevertheless.

Henningsen and also Mass’ Woe Industries has actually mostly developed silly little games in this design previously, consisting of Food Poisoning: The Game (“a game about crime, free will, and explosive diarrhea”) and also the currently traditional Chris Pratt is Super Mario.


Source: Polygon

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