The World Requires Additional Inspiring Male Role Models, Such as Rusty from Armored Core 6

A close-up shot of Rusty’s Steel Haze AC from Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco

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It’s hrs right into the occasions of Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon prior to you really feel a feeling of heat. Until the objective “Operation Wallclimber,” you are only a number, only a worked with weapon on the various other end of barked orders.

In the cool steel garage that is your residence on the barren world of Rubicon, you are described as “dog,” “hound,” and also “merc.” Even a lot more dehumanizing labels await you later on. The closest identifications that your personality, C4-621, has before “Operation Wallclimber” are “Raven,” the identification you’ve taken, and also “Gun 13,” a classification passed off upon you after you eliminated the individual that would certainly’ve utilized that name.

But whatever adjustments when Rusty of the Vespers shows up and also calls you “buddy.”

[Ed. note: This story contains spoilers for Armored Core 6.]

Rusty is Armored Core 6’s most crush-worthy a/c pilot. He’s easily trendy, and also he’s presented with suitable charisma: At the Wall, Rusty strokes in riding his Steel Haze mech, and also the cam pans up his spindly Nachtreiher a/c legs to display his symbol, a muzzled wolf. Unlike the remainder of the game’s personalities, Rusty treats you with regard and also sociability in your very first fight with each other — throughout which he likewise truly appears worried regarding your health. Afterward, he shares exclusive information regarding that objective as an alerting regarding the firms’ purposes for you, making Rusty the very first personality on Rubicon that appears trustworthy.

Rusty and C4-621 face the Juggernaut mech in “Operation Wallclimber” from Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco

Whatever outstanding task you carry out in Armored Core 6, despite the number of slo-mo taking off manager fights you bow out, none of it will certainly match the made coolness of Rusty claiming “I won’t miss” prior to he skewers your common challenger with a railgun throughout the fight versus the Ice Worm.

Is it any type of marvel, after that, that gamers have fallen in love with Rusty, visualizing him as a dashing, rebellious pilot? We never ever really see Rusty’s face in Armored Core 6, however every item of follower art of the guy within Steel Haze looks, to me anyhow, 100% exact.

FromSoftware’s discussion for Rusty is crafted to make you love him. He improves you up (“Walter knows how to pick ’em”; “Glad you’re on my side”; “Stay cool, buddy”) and also provides you something to desire.

“There’s no graver threat than power without purpose,” Rusty informs you throughout an objective in which he’s entrusted with throwing away 621 under the command of his company trainers at Arquebus. While Handler Walter can urge the gamer to do goals for his customers, and also Ayre can push them towards doing the appropriate point, it’s Rusty that uses 621 a course towards redemption, towards that “purpose,” towards something greater than simply an additional task. In the cool, unsympathetic globe of Armored Core 6, that’s a uniquely humanizing point.

Rusty in his Steel Haze Ortus AC from Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco

It’s not up until much later on in the game, when the fact of 2 a/c pilots benefiting completing rate of interests caps, that Rusty’s real relevance — and also real purposes — arise. Throughout Armored Core 6’s tale, those purposes are telegramed in discussion and also fight logs. Like various other FromSoftware games, Rusty’s duty in this tale isn’t clear in the beginning, however it’s eventually exposed that he’s an operative benefiting the Rubicon Liberation Front.

Near completion of the game, when Rusty re-emerges in a brand-new mech, born-again as Steel Haze Ortus, he births a various symbol. The wolf is uncovered this time around, and also relying on particular objective options and also which playthrough gamers get on, they’ll either battle him or deal with along with him once again, with the pressure of the Rubiconian resistance behind Rusty and also 621.

Rusty’s destiny at the end of the game is vague, as it ought to be for a guy of his trendy element. But no matter whether Rusty endures the occasions of Armored Core 6, he’s the one that leaves tidy. He’s the hero of this tale — not simply for his sentences and also activities, but also for changing the gamer right into a hero, as well.

Stay trendy, Rusty.


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