The 7 ideal Dwarf Fortress mods on Steam

A Dwarf Fortress embark location with improved graphics from mods.

Image: Bay 12 Games/Kitfox Games through Polygon

Dwarf Fortress concerning Steam suggests that community-created mods are much easier than ever before to set up. These mods do whatever from including brand-new usable races to tweaking graphics toturning Dwarf Fortress into Pokémon

Below, we’ll inform you exactly how to discover and also set up mods right into your Dwarf Fortress game on Steam and also listing our 7 faves.

How to set up Dwarf Fortress mods

Dwarf Fortress mods are mounted with theSteam Workshop for the game Browse with the choices there and also subscribe to the ones you desire.

Mods can just be utilized in freshly produced globes– you can just trigger them throughout globe development– so you’ll require to begin a brand-new citadel to utilize them. In the Create A New World display, click Mods in the lower right.

A screenshot of the Dwarf Fortress mod options in the world creation screen.

You set up mods with the globe development display.
Image: Bay 12 Games/Kitfox Games through Polygon

You’ll see 3 columns below– readily available mods left wing, the default Vanilla mods between, and also information regarding whatever you’re float over on the right (consisting of disputes with various other mods). Click the arrowhead alongside the mods you wish to trigger, and also they’ll relocate right into the facility column.

Click on Basic Options to go back to the primary development choices (the mods you selected will certainly continue to be).

Interface Tweaks

The initial mod we suggest is one calledInterface Tweaks by Trainzack The important things you’ll observe with this mod is that the key-board hotkeys are detailed on practically every symbol. Yes, the Steam variation of Dwarf Fortress still needs a computer mouse, yet this mod will certainly make the key-board a whole lot better (and also will certainly assist professional gamers remember the new hotkeys).

It additionally includes some shade to the play and also time out switches. The color pattern is red and also eco-friendly, so not specifically one of the most available combination, yet it needs to assist make them a little more clear to the majority of customers.

Detailed Landscapes

While the ceramic tiles of ground in Dwarf Fortress all resemble common turf or cave areas, there’s really a big selection of plants and also mushrooms. Detailed Landscapes by Poss includes graphics for 39 varieties.

The method Dwarf Fortress ceramic tiles and also mixes the graphics for ground is a little bit intricate for a mod to take care of, so this set isn’t constantly ideal– it looks a little mosaic boarded– yet seeing exactly how wild the wild truly is includes a wonderful touch.

Rounded Hills and also Reduced Z-Level Fog

A set of aesthetic mods, Rounded Hills by Poss and also Reduced Z-Level Fog by Munashe are simply great to have so to soften the visuals ofDwarf Fortress The Rounded Hills mod ravels the sharp edges on the surface ramps and also makes it look a bit extra all-natural. The Reduced Z-Level Fog expands your capacity to see a couple of Z-levels much deeper and also really see what’s taking place in your globe.

Whaleys Dogs

A Dwarf Fortress corgi added by the Whaleys Dogs mod.

C’mon, simply take a look at this corgi.
Image: Bay 12 Games/Kitfox Games through Polygon

They’re all great pet dogs, so why not include some sprites to increase the visuals? The Whaleys Dogs mod by user Roseanne on DVD 2K19 includes graphics for 8 brand-new types of pet. None of the statistics modification, yet, I imply, take a look at that corgi.

Let Dwarven Women Have Beards

This mod by Lielac does specifically what it claims. Some dwarven females have beards.

[Author’s note: Look, I did a quick Google to double-check something before I made a comment about Tolkien’s dwarves and … it’s A Whole Thing™ — as with most things Tolkien. So, instead, let’s just say that this mod isn’t so much an “accuracy” thing as it is about simply letting dwarven women have beards.]

War Possums

Look, there’s no other way to not suggest War Possums by Elsie (with an ethical reference to War Geese by Mackeroni). War Possums includes (o) possums as a tamed varieties– which suggests you can select them at get started and also, extra significantly, educate them for battle.


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