The potential outcome as Bungie removes Legendary Shards from Destiny 2 after a string of issues and concerns

Destiny 2 Legendary Shards

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Also start in Season 23, concentrating routine engrams will certainly no more need Legendary Shards – simply Glimmer as well as engrams, along with Trials of Osiris wins or Nightfall Ciphers for those endgame loot swimming pools. The catch is that you’ll require to invest a whole lot even more engrams – an eye-watering 5 engrams to concentrate a solitary Nightfall benefit, which is a substantial dive from the present expense of one engram, as well as Iron Banner as well as Trials of Osiris will certainly run you the very same. Judging from the early disgruntled player responses, this currently appears topped for a rash price cut in the following couple of months. If we’re fortunate, the engram decrease price will certainly additionally be raised, yet that’s not exactly how the Bungie ape’s paw generally functions. 

The Final Shape’s launch in very early 2024 will certainly place the last nail in the Shard casket. “We will be removing all the remaining Legendary Shard sources and costs from the game, which includes Collections, Trials Passages, rituals, vendor purchases, and many more,” Bungie states, as well as it still does not really feel genuine. 

Glimmer is to Destiny 2 what gold is to MMOs like World of Warcraft, yet Glimmer is so unbelievably simple ahead by – albeit just by acquiring it with Legendary Shards, which is a terrifying awareness – that Legendary Shards have actually generally been dealt with as the standard money that oils all the wheels, so this modification is mosting likely to take some obtaining utilized to. The Glimmer economic situation is my instant issue, particularly without a Glimmer cap boost stated in this blog site. Bungie’s out of its mind if it believes anybody is mosting likely to run Strikes or public occasions or whatever simply for Glimmer, as well as this would not be Destiny 2’s very first (or 2nd, or 3rd) money catastrophe, yet we’ll need to see. 

Destiny 2 2023 reveal

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“To be totally clear, we will not be offering a currency exchange for stockpiled Legendary Shards,” Bungie tensions. “The goal in removing Legendary Shards is to make Destiny 2 a more approachable and fair experience for all players. This is why we are not raising Glimmer prices for items or adding replacement costs to things that previously needed Legendary Shards.” (Again, this still leaves engram concentrating expenses, yet I swerve.)

The benefits for taking down equipment are obtaining a tune-up to match this brand-new, Shard-totally free globe of ours. Exact worths undergo transform, yet from Bungie’s approximates it appears like you’ll obtain even more Glimmer as well as Enhancement Cores typically per thing you damage down. And because Xur will certainly no more handle Legendary Shards either, the Exotic vendor is obtaining an overhaul, yet Bungie’s maintaining Nu Xur near to its upper body in the meantime. 

There is some no-strings-attached excellent information for the Destiny economic situation in today’s blog post. The currently well known Essence of Crota work for the repeated Crota’s End raid Exotic Necrochasm is obtaining the nerf that was apparent to anybody that’s gotten rid of the raid a solitary freaking time. As of September 19 you’ll be assured an Essence every run, with reward decreases on your very first free from the week. Killing Crota after a complete run will certainly additionally provide you a chance at striking the Essence lotto as well as quickly obtaining the 50 you require. This does make it possible for the headache situation of grinding out 49 of things and afterwards obtaining the huge payment in an act of karmic ruthlessness, yet that’s Destiny for you. 

Bungie’s simply distributed what may be the first and most expensive legally binding permaban, slapping a young adult implicated of dishonesty as well as harassment with a $500,000 penalty.  



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