The Overwatch voice solid meetup is significantly better with animated in-game fashions

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What if the well-known Lucio Blizzard HQ tour was carried out utilizing in-game fashions?


Just in case you don’t know what we’re speaking about, final week, the voice actor behind Overwatch‘s Lucio, posted a video of him touring the Blizzard campus.

In the video, actor Jonny Cruz runs into lots of the voice characters for the sport’s heroes, and they each do the voices of their respective characters and goof round for a bit.

The video was wonderful as it’s, however YouTuber Greatdictator determined to take it up a notch (by way of Polygon).

Greatdictator used the Source Filmmaker to create an animated model of the unique encounters, full with voices and Overwatch character fashions. It appears to be like as if it’s a part of the sport and never really based mostly on a real-life factor.

It’s fairly wonderful total, and positively well-animated. The creator even captured background characters and noise for a extra genuine really feel.