The Overwatch crew can be getting additional experimental within the subsequent PTR preview patch – however not with Symmetra

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Overwatch gamers can stay up for extra dramatic modifications within the subsequent replace preview.


Overwatch has a PTR server on PC the place gamers can check out new updates earlier than they go dwell. It’s a means for Blizzard to check modifications collect suggestions on them.

Up till now, these modifications have been pretty modest – largely steadiness modifications and tweaks – and have been ported over to the dwell construct of Overwatch with little change. But now Blizzard is saying that it expects to place the PTR to make use of in additional significant methods, which implies it would now not act as a sneak peek into the quick future.

“This time around, the PTR is likely to be around a bit longer than before, so we’re taking this opportunity to try out some more significant hero changes, and the push more significant iterations throughout this PTR cycle,” Overwatch designer Geoff Goodman wrote on the forums.

“The PTR patch changes you guys see are unlikely to make it through PTR unchanged, unlike previous PTR cycles. We want to try a bunch of things and see whats fun and working, and iterate more quickly from there. In this way, we get to have you guys involved earlier in the process.”

So count on the following Overwatch PTR patch to incorporate some fairly whacky issues, to vary over time, and to hold round longer than the previous couple of. It might launch as early as subsequent week, Goodman added.

It feels like Blizzard goes to strive making some extra dramatic modifications to Overwatch’s heroes, which can put you in thoughts of its promise to overhaul Symmetra. Alas, Goodman mentioned we received’t see the outcomes of that on this subsequent batch of testing.

“There aren’t any Symmetra changes for this patch. Her changes ended up being much more significant and require more time to finish up, but she’s feeling pretty great internally so hopefully we can get her out there pretty soon,” he wrote.