The Longest Journey seems nice for its age with new texture mod

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Even 20 years after its launch, The Longest Journey hasn’t misplaced its maintain on gamers’ imaginations. Except now, satisfying that nostalgia repair doesn’t must imply stomaching these 1999 graphics due to a high-res makeover mod launched final week.

It seemed really beautiful again when the Spice Girls had been topping charts, however now gamers can benefit from the basic with upgraded textures. An accompanying pack upscales the FMV movies as nicely.

“It includes neural network upscaled backgrounds and sprites, redrawn user interface and a lot of other small improvements thanks to ResidualVM implementation of the game engine,” explains its creator, a modder who goes by the username “Faberman”.

Funcom’s somber tackle the point-and-click journey got here out at a time when style mainstays most popular to embrace wacky tales filled with gags and razor-sharp writing. As a lot as I get pleasure from Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, and The Curse Of Monkey Island, “nuanced” and “thoughtful” aren’t precisely phrases I’d use to explain them.

Meanwhile, as you play as 18-year-old April Ryan in The Longest Journey, you’re tasked with sustaining the steadiness of the universe. No strain, although. At evening she travels from her personal futuristic world to surreal landscapes in her goals, however after the 2 begin bleeding into each other she will get a lesson in parallel universes together with an entire lot extra duty.

The Longest Journey additionally made it onto RPS’s record of the best PC games of all times. The just lately departed — not less than, from RPS that’s — John Walker had some notably excessive reward:

“The game is too long, too wordy, and nearly twenty years on, almost intolerably ugly to look at. It’s an ordeal to play at this point. But in 1999, it was not. And in 1999, it made an indelible mark on my soul. At the age of 22, it was the game I needed to play, a story I needed to hear, a game that imparted a core truth that has defined so much for me: you are not the hero of your own life.”

For one fewer purpose to not play now, hit The Longest Journey HD’s site to obtain the mod.