The Limbo and Inside studio goes 3D, third-person, and sci-fi for its subsequent game

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playdead next game

Playdead, the studio that introduced us the acclaimed 2D platformers Limbo and Inside, is bored with the “limitations in 2D games” and can undertake a third-person perspective for its subsequent challenge, which might be larger and extra open than its earlier choices.

That’s in response to Arnt Jensen, Playdead’s cofounder and artwork director, in an interview with Danish web site DR. Via Google Translate, Jensen says:

“It will be a little bigger game than the other two. It becomes more open and then it becomes a third-person game with a much larger area that you can move around. I’ve been tired of the limitations in 2D games. We have been through all over the past many years.”

Jensen reiterates that Playdead’s subsequent game might be a science-fiction journey – last month, we heard it will likely be “a fairly lonely sci-fi game somewhere in the universe.” In case the point out of loneliness didn’t give it away, Jensen now provides that it’s going to draw on “the same feelings as the other two games”, utilizing the phrase “melancholy”. If you communicate Danish or take pleasure in Google Translate, you’ll be able to learn Jensen’s newest interview in full at DR (through OnlySP).

Earlier this yr, Playdead teased its next project with a bit of artwork, displaying a suitably lonely determine within the mouth of a round tunnel in opposition to a chilly white panorama.


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