The closing model of Nioh made a small, however essential tweak to how co-op works, and persons are not having it

One specific change to the way in which co-op works within the retail model of Nioh has individuals riled up, and for good cause.


With every Nioh beta, the sport improved in a number of methods. The closing one, Last Chance Trial, was similar to the launch model – apart from one very huge change.

This tweak has to do with how co-op works. In the beta, summoning – inviting individuals into your sport for assist – was simple. You solely wanted to supply a selected merchandise at one of many shrines, and the sport would robotically matchmake you with others keen on becoming a member of your sport.

Nioh even has a password system, much like the one in Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, that makes it simple to get matched up with a particular buddy. No different restrictions have been utilized, and as you’ll be able to see, it was virtually equivalent to the way in which the function labored within the Soulsborne video games.

However, within the closing model of Nioh, Team Ninja made it so that you’re solely in a position to be a part of different individuals’s video games – together with these of your folks – when you have already overwhelmed the stage you’re being invited to. This means, beginning the sport off in co-op with a buddy is just not doable. Your buddy has to have already completed the stage you’re trying to play collectively.

Although this might not be a serious subject for individuals who usually solely summon others in to assist with a sure boss, and don’t plan to undergo the total sport with a buddy, it’s nonetheless an enormous hurdle for individuals who do. More importantly, this sudden change from the final beta – solely a few weeks outdated – resulted in a number of gamers getting mislead, shopping for the sport on the promise of co-op with out realising it could be modified later.

The sport’s group is already up in arms in regards to the subject on Reddit, NeoGAF, GameFaqs and different boards. It’s gotten so huge that gamers are campaigning for Team Ninja to revert this alteration, posting to Sony and Koei Tecmo’s social channels, even the Japanese ones.

Right now, your co-op buddy will must be forward of you within the sport for you to have the ability to play collectively, and that goes for any of the co-op modes out there. Team Ninja may change this in response to the outcry, however till then, you’ll need to postpone your blind co-op runs.