The Division PTS 2 patch removes intention help when hip-firing utilizing a controller, the M249 SAW LMG

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Just days from the latest relaunch of The Division’s PTS, a brand new patch has been launched.


The Division developer Massive has up to date the sport’s PTS model to the second iteration, making adjustments to a couple gadgets the studio acquired suggestions on, and fixing some bugs.

PTS 2 is now accessible on PC for individuals who have the consumer downloaded. The greatest change right here is that intention help will not kick in when hip-firing utilizing a controller. This is simply a part of a much bigger hip-fire stability go Massive intends to do later.

The M249 SAW weapon some managed to seek out, has been eliminated as a result of it’s not completed. Nimble has seen some adjustments too, primarily based on suggestions from the primary PTS. You now not should be in cowl to obtain the heal.

Nimble now heals 2% per meter over the course of 4 seconds. The Airburst seeker mine’s stagger impact stays inactive. The Airburst’s injury was by no means really modified, regardless of the beforehand reported patch notes that includes a line about this. That notice was made in error, Ubisoft stated.

Find the remainder of the bug fixes beneath:

  • Fixed a bug the place Grenade varieties would change place randomly on the Grenade Wheel.
  • Fixed a bug the place gadgets couldn’t be marked as Junk within the Stash menu.
  • Fixed a bug the place the Pakhan expertise would solely work on NPCs and never on gamers.
  • Fixed a bug that might create a delay when attempting to deconstruct an merchandise that’s a part of a Loadout from the stash.
  • Fixed a bug the place the Appearance Vendor menu couldn’t be closed when it was empty.
  • Fixed a bug when buying new self-importance gadgets the place the quantity of latest gadgets would additionally present on the pouch tab.
  • Fixed a bug when evaluating gadgets from a Vendor menu the place the stats displayed for the geared up merchandise could possibly be incorrect.
  • Fixed a number of situations of lacking sounds within the Loadout interface.
  • Fixed a number of situations of assorted buttons working inconsistently within the Loadout interface.
  • Fixed a number of situations of Mobile Cover changing into invisible to the participant.
  • Fixed a bug the place gamers wouldn’t be healed by First Aid if they’re broken whereas within the radius of the talent.
  • Fixed a bug the place the slowing impact of bleed would apply a number of occasions on a personality utilizing a ballistic protect.
  • Fixed a bug in Survival the place a bunch of two can be disbanded if one member can be disconnected and reconnect instantly.
  • Fixed a bug the place gamers becoming a member of a session in progress wouldn’t see any participant info on the matchmaking display screen.
  • Fixed a bug the place NPCs on the landmark The Boiler wouldn’t respawn after the contamination occasion ends.
  • Fixed a bug the place the reward pop up wouldn’t all the time seem when clearing a landmark.
  • [PC] Fixed a bug the place gamers wouldn’t obtain a Loadout warning when dismantling an merchandise utilizing the drag and drop technique.
  • [PC] Fixed a bug the place gamers wouldn’t obtain any suggestions when attempting to modify to a Loadout that has inadequate backpack capability when utilizing keybindings.

These adjustments could not make it to the dwell recreation as is, or in any respect, as is often the case with PTS patches.