The Division 2 Exotic weapons – Key places, the place to seek out faction chests

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Standing by the crafting station in the White House.

Sometimes, “High End” isn’t adequate for an Agent in The Division 2. You need one thing extra highly effective, extra distinctive, extra crimson on the rarity color scheme. You may simply make do with the preorder and particular version weapons, or you possibly can go and fulfil the necessities wanted to unlock a few of the greatest weapons within the game.

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The Division 2 Exotic Weapons information

This information will go over the places for the keys wanted to unlock sure faction caches, required for one of many Exotic Weapons thus far. It may also checklist the places of all 4 obtainable Exotic Weapons within the game and the steps required to unlock them.

Standing in front of a cabinet which contains one of the faction keys.

Key places

Firstly, you’ll have to get to seize as many keys as you possibly can for one of many extra elusive weapons. You can farm 35 at a time in a single 24 hour interval. Many because of Reddit person “Kegger15” for unearthing the places for all of the faction keys. However we may also checklist the underground areas that you could climb into that may comprise the faction keys you have to to unlock the faction chests.

  • North-west of Lincoln Memorial (Rock Creek & Potomac Pkwy NW) – 5-6 keys
  • North of Lincoln Memorial (Henry Bacon Dr NW) – three keys
  • Due south of West Potomac Safe House (throughout the river) – 7 keys
  • South-west of Washington Monument (closest to the monument management level south-west) – 2 keys (“Kegger15” notes that you just shouldn’t go within the locked door within the tunnel)
  • South-east of Washington Monument (Jefferson Dr SW) – 2 keys
  • West of American History (Madison Dr NW) – 2 keys
  • North of Air and Space Mission (seventh St SW) – 1 key
  • East of Southwest Safe House (third St SW) – 1 key situated in a big room
  • West of Viewpoint Museum Main mission (Close to Pennsylvania Ave NW) – 2 keys
  • West of Downtown East Safe House (Close to the management level on 14th St NW) – three keys
  • South of the White House (South-west of the management level and near Ramp – three keys
  • North of Campus Settlement (West of the top of 19th St NW) – three keys

Shooting at Coyote - the boss for the mission.

Unlocking the Exotic Weapon elements

Aside from those described in our The Division 2 preorder bonus item information – the Ruthless and Lullaby respectively – you possibly can then unlock the opposite Exotic Weapons by finishing sure duties. Once you’ve gathered sufficient keys for every of the factions, you’ll then have to do some duties.

Sweet Dreams Exotic Shotgun

This shotgun is reportedly obtained by finishing the Roosevelt Island Stronghold on Challenge problem. This might be one of many tougher challenges within the game, however finishing it unlocks a robust shotgun. If you have got the Lullaby pores and skin from the preorder bonus, you possibly can reskin Sweet Dreams to make a extra highly effective Lullaby shotgun.

Merciless Exotic Rifle

Reports are saying that this unique rifle is a randomised drop, although there have been experiences of grabbing it by finishing day by day VIP missions, or killing end-of-level bosses in problem problem variants of Story Missions. The ones highlighted have been Bank Headquarters and Jefferson Trade Center.

Chatterbox Exotic SMG

This one requires you to take the Hyena keys you looted from the underground tunnels and opening particular chests or caches from sure factors on the map. This will be on regular problem for many missions and simply wants you to be observant. If the caches aren’t there, they may respawn after 24 hours so don’t fear in case you don’t discover them right this moment. I’ve listed all of the weapons we’ve seen thus far and the chest places wanted to nab all of the elements. One factor to notice, ensure you’re no less than World Tier four earlier than making these weapons if you wish to be aggressive, with particulars on that in our The Division 2 Specializations information. Without additional ado: The Exotic Weapons and the way to unlock them!

Here are the places for all 4:

  • SMG: Loaded Canister – Grand Washington Hotel mission – When the mission asks you to get to the roof, there might be a bit with a blasted wall to the left of the trail. Head in and switch to the correct to look in the bathroom for the chest. There’s a second one simply earlier than you climb up the purpose of no return onto the roof, earlier than taking over The Saint. Turn round as you attain the skin to seek out the chest.
  • SMG: Creative Magazine – Jefferson Trade Center mission – In the underground automotive park, earlier than going via the door proper on the finish, head up the ramp to the correct of the fireplace exit the mission is pointing you in direction of, to seek out the chest.
  • SMG: Modified Mods – Judiciary Square (Freeplay) – Go into the courtyard within the police station and into the double doorways. Scale down the elevator shaft to the correct, and head down in direction of the automotive park. Inside the automotive park, there’s a mounted turret. From there, head into the room behind it and have a look at the chest subsequent to the bottle financial institution.
  • The Lost Chatterbox: Blueprint – Bank Headquarters mission – Play via the mission till you come throughout the room with an enormous window and a map. Head to the western nook of the room the place there’s a wall and a desk, ensuring you hug the wall. You ought to see a immediate to “Open Panel”. Do so to nab the “RFID Keycard”. Play via till the vault door opens and to the left there’s a golden door with a keycard level. Use your RFID keycard to achieve entry to it, and the Hyena chest inside.

Liberty Exotic Desert Eagle pistol

This one is barely totally different in that it is advisable end the Capitol Building Stronghold. An enemy named Kendra will drop the Pistol: Trigger & Mechanism for the Liberty pistol. Make certain you decide these up. Once achieved, do the next missions on this particular order:

  • American History Museum – Captain Briggs ought to drop the Pistol: Receiver & Paintjob merchandise.
  • Viewpoint Museum – Staff Sergeant Carl Wade ought to drop the Pistol: Sight & Rail merchandise.
  • Space Administration HQ – Master Sergeant Steve “Junior” Quiroz ought to drop Pistol: Grip & Tags and Kendra’s Liberty Blueprint gadgets.

You’ll then have to craft it, which requires 19 polycarbonate, 15 carbon fiber, 45 receiver elements, and a D50 High End pistol. Our The Division 2 crafting information ought to assist with the others, however the D50 pistol can’t actually be farmed per se, however the video above from “WiLLiSGaming” ought to be capable of assist slightly bit.

That’s all we have now for the unlockable Exotic Weapons in The Division 2. We will extra stuff on these as we uncover them. In the meantime, in case you preordered or obtained one of many many particular editions to the game, head on over to our The Division 2 preorder bonus item information for the steps that must be taken to unlock this stuff to be used in-game.