The Dark Pictures The Devil in Me: the game is out today, a launch trailer that intends to terrify

Bandai Namco Entertainment will certainly have waited on the day of the launch of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me to introduce its launch trailer. Lasting 1 min 30, it advises us that the game occurs in a precise reproduction of HH Holmes’ resort. Baptized the “Castle of Murders”, it was the scene of numerous murders devoted by the guy that numerous take into consideration to be the very first American serial awesome. As you will certainly have recognized, for this last episode of Season 1, the programmers of Supermassive Games chose to take ideas from a real tale, and also they seized the day to incorporate brand-new gameplay technicians. This is what we discuss to you in our review of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me which has actually been on the internet given that the other day.

As reported in current months, the very first phase of Season 2 of The Dark Pictures Anthology will indeed be Directive 8020. This time, the tale will certainly occur precede, and also much more specifically in the reconnaissance ship Cassiopeia where a specific Simms appears to be taken by a homicidal chaos.


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