The Community Spotlight – 05/07/2016

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Many thanks to lizzy dawson for creating this work of art!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host! Don’t let anyone try to convince you that we experienced a low point at this point of the year. Considering that monumental games such as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Doom are being released next week, there were plenty of games for the Giant Bomb Community to chew on. With all of that behind us let’s go over the major bits of site related housekeeping from the week that was.

  • The Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run VI managed to raise $4,230 of its $4,000 goal! Many thanks to all involved Including @thatpinguino for hosting the vent, and Mr. Rorie for streaming World of Warcraft last weekend!
  • The Canadian news source CBC published a report on Miitomo, and lo and behold a tweet by Dan is in the report.
  • The Giant Bomb Dirt Rally Monthly team has a YouTube playlist of every event that they hosted during April! Check it out and see if it is the type of “crazy” you would want to get involved in.
  • Austin was a guest on a recent episode of the Cool Games Inc. Podcast alongside Polygon’s Nick Robinson and Griffin McElroy.

Clip(s) of the Week

Giant Bombcast – 02/23/16 – “#skate4” (By: bananas)

YouTuber bananas is back to animating Bombcast clips! Here’s his fantastic rendition of the hilarious #Skate4 conversation from a while back!

GB Troopers (By: @kevslider)

Did you ever want the VR Troopers theme song synced to clips of the GB staff? Well thanks to kevslider that dream is now a reality!

Best of Giant Bomb’s Persona 4 Endurance Run–06 (Parts 069 to 078)(By: @clagnaught)

Clagnaught has the sixth episode of his “Best of GB’s Persona 4 Endurance Run” up! Re-live the “birth” of Teddie all over again.

Giant Bomb HD Remix – Endurance Run: Persona 4 – Part 09.1 (By: @stordoff)

Part NINE of stordoff’s effort to convert the Giant Bomb Persona 4 Endurance Run to HD video is available for your visual enjoyment.

Giant Bomb Galleria

BANNER- Giant Bomb Staff Sketch (By: lizzy dawson/morehandclaps)

morehandclaps on Tumblr took the time to create this AWESOME sketch of the GB staff!

It Was Austin All Along (By: @fobwashed)


Community Activities

Giant Bomb Overwatch Team (By: @kopcik)

There’s already talk about creating a Giant Bomb Team forOverwatch! The discussions are still in the preliminary stages, but feel free to join them nonetheless.

Battleduders on PC (By: @roland_leshaft)

Are you interested in playing Battleborn on the PC with fellow Giant Bomb users? Then look no further than this thread!

Best of Blogs

MooseyMcMan had better luck playing the Nioh demo than Giant Beast

Spirits and Foxes and Blizzards, Oh My: Thoughts on Never Alone (By: @darth_navster)

Darth_Navster comments on the good and bad parts to the mystical journey that he went through whilst playing Never Alone on his latest blog.

Angry Ranting about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (By: @beforet)

Beforet has an ax to grind when it comes to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and shares why that’s the case as well as what really grinds his gears about the game.

The Infinite Sadness of Doom II (By: @egge)

Egge pontificates upon why he found the world of Doom II to be one of “infinite sadness,” but not for the reasons that you may think.

A Personal Video Game Retrospective (1986-2015) 2005 (By: @riostarwind)

BlackLagoon once again reminds you that there are plenty of game still coming out for the Vita

RioStarwind’s retrospective of the years in gaming that he has lived through continues with a blog about 2005. Read about what lasting mark the year has made on his.

Weekly Update #22 – May 3, 2016 (By: @qreedence)

The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition and Hearthstone were the two games that dominated qreedence’s last week, and you can read all about his lasting impressions of both.

Zombies, Edgy Mirrors, Basket Cars, and Ninja Souls (By: @mooseymcman)

MooseyMcMan has been having a roller-coaster of a time on the PS4! Zombi and Nioh are just a few of the loops and dives from the week that was.

Why I Won’t Be Finishing Final Fantasy 14 (By: @dinoracha)

What could cause someone to walk away from FFXIV? Read Dinoracha’s blog to find out!

Dinoracha is walking away from Final Fantasy XIV, despite having sunk in hundreds of hours into the game. Read why that is the unfortunate case over here.

May Vita Lineup And Upcoming Titles (By: @blacklagoon)

A new month means that BlackLagoon is back with a convenient listing of every single PS Vita coming out in May!

Mento’s May Mastery ’16: Days One to Seven & Sunday Summaries: InFamous Second Son & Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse (By: @mento)

It’s May, which means that Mento has lost his damn mind again and resumed his annually recurring daily series. See what he thought of Transistor, The Talos Principle, and Downfall this week, as well inFamous Second Son and Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse from the week prior.

Bit.trip Runner’s Odyssey Level Made Me Think A Lot About Game Design (By: @bigsocrates)

Bit.Trip Runner’s Odyssey level caused BigSocrates to pontificate about game design, and you can read why the game spurned such a dialogue.

Join the Discussion

Oh, and Persona 5 news happened this week

Forza Apex Beta Available To Download Now (By: @mrcraggle)

Have you been playing around with the Forza Apex beta? Feel free to share your impressions of it with the Giant Bomb community.

Who Are You Liking in Overwatch? (By: @donchipotle)

Thus far, which class and character have you been enjoying the most while playing Overwatch? Feel free to share with other users that have been enjoying the game.

Persona 5 Release Date Announcement and Trailer Discussion Thread (By: @selfconfessedcynic)

Join our official hype and discussion thread for the Persona 5 Japanese release date announcement over here.

Owners Of Only *One* Of The Two Main Current Gen Consoles – Would You Buy The One You Don’t Have? (By: @extintor)

Can you ever envision yourself owning all of the major consoles from this current generation? Share why or why not on this community discussion thread.

Oh hey…this is the first week where I haven’t promoted a Dark Souls III thread in over a month!

Which Platform Are You Most Likely To Play Overwatch On? (By: @mike)

Do you have a platform of preference while the beta for Overwatch rages on? Share what it is, and why you made that choice, over here!

Overwatch Gameplay Videos Thread (By: @fredchuckdave)

Have you managed to capture any hilarious or fun clips of yourself playing Overwatch? Well feel free to post them here for other Giant Bomb users to enjoy!

Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer Discussion Thread (By: @neocalypso)

Feel free to discuss the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare teaser trailer on our community discussion thread for the video.

Nioh Alpha Impressions, Tips, & Questions Thread (By: @tjhall42)

Hopefully you have had better luck with the Nioh alpha than Giant Beast, either way still feel comfortable to share your thoughts related to the game over here.

Useful User Reviews

  • @moonlightmoth shares the ins and outs of playing Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster for the PC, and why it’s not as easily recommended an experience as she would like, on her review for the game.
  • @riostarwind finally got around to playing Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble and shares why he regrets doing so.

Lovable Lists

Could These Be The 10 Best Games Of 2015? Yes. Yes They Are (By: @matt)

Perennial friend of the site, Matt Pascual, finally got around to listing his favorite games from 2015…better late than never I guess.

#BacklogWar 2015 (By: @rinsatori)

RinSatori is waging WAR against his gaming backlog and lets you in on his progress with this list.

Wonderful Wikis

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Will the release of Uncharted 4 mark the return of “The Northies?” Time will only tell!

It is the big release of next week and luckily it features a wiki page worth marveling over. Learn more about the game, and its complicated developmental cycle, on our wiki page.


There’s a new MOBA in town and you can read all about its structure and mechanics on our wiki page.

Heroes of the Storm

Many thanks to NES for rehauling our wiki page for Heroes of the Storm to keep it up to date and in the now. Your work is greatly appreciated!

SP World

I have no idea what “SP World” is, but Giant Bomb user Octopus58 put in neraly 1,000 wiki points into our location page for this place and I just had to showcase it.


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