The Community Spotlight – 04/30/2016

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MODOK Ryan still gets me (Many thanks to Ronnie Filyaw for this)

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week! Well it appears that we have all collectively recovered from our post-PAX East stupor. As the insanity of the last week subsides into memory it appears that the Giant Bomb Community has been creating plenty of non-wrestling experiences on the site.

  • For those of you that missed PAX East 2016, @marino took over 1000+ pictures from the event (he’s not done uploading them yet) including PAXAMANIA II, The Giant Bomb E3 2016 Planning Kickoff, The Mario Maker World Championships, 404ing It, Let’s Rank It, and so much more!
  • @patrickklepek has posted a decent archive of his Mario Maker World Championship panel against Dan. Patrick also recently went back to the PAX East Stages for his latest Mario Maker Mornings. Predictably, Jeff’s level gave him the most grief.
  • Speaking of Dan torturing Patrick, everyone’s favorite curly haired Kotaku reporter finally got around to writing his book report on attending his first WWE RAW event. As seen on Dan’s Tweet related to the matter, he gave Patrick’s report a “B-” while also stating “writing doesn’t come naturally to him.”
  • Friend of the site @fobwashed has resurrected his Geolocation Map of the Giant Bomb Community! We are all over the world!
Which one of you is from Kenya?

Clip(s) of the Week

Giant Bomb Timelapse: Drew Vs Cyborg Ninja & Giant Bomb Supercut: Metal Gear Scanlon Comparison View (By: @mepsipax)

Mepsipax provides us with a hilarious time-lapse featuring every single one of Drew’s attempt to defeat Cyborg Ninja in Metal Gear Scanlon. Mepsipax also decided to compare Drew’s and Dan’s opinion of the opening set piece of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain between the first and last episode of Metal Gear Scanlon V.

Dan Island (By: NeoGeoGetterRobo)

Remember that reverse video of pogs being dumped on Dan that I promoted last week? Here’s that, but to the Dead Island trailer music…and you can blame @pepsiman that this officially exists!

Prof. Killa’s Bizarre Adventure (By: @kaivyre)

Oh we aren’t free of PAXAMANIA II’s ridiculous nonsense yet! Austin asked for it on Twitter, so Giant Bomb user Kaivyre obliged! Here’s a video that merges JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure with Professor Killah!

Giant Bomb Galleria

BANNER – Heroes and Villains of Giant Bomb (By: Ronnie Filyaw)

Ronnie Filyaw created this AWESOME Giant Bomb staff poster that you should all check out.

GB Sports Logo & Hitdan (By: @graboids)

If Giant Bomb operated its own sports franchise; graboids has an idea what its logo should be! In honor of Dan and Brad playing Hitman Episode 2, graboids also created a wonderful “Hitdan” poster.

Saint Alex (By: @bleatingheart)

On Twitter bleatingheart/Janine Hawkins decided to depict Giant Bomb East’s very own Alex as the savior that we all know him for being.

Community Activities

2016 Road Warrior Events – Nurburgring 24 – June 4-5 (By: @datarez)

The Giant Bomb Community plans on participating in the Nurburgring 24 event! Learn how you can join their effort by clicking the link above.

The Giant Bomb Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Community Guild (By: @foxmulder)

We have a NEW GB guild for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes! Learn how to join it by commenting in the thread above!

Best of Blogs

Many congratulations to JeanLuc for joining GameSpot, and being a part of its esteemed video history!

Today I Leave To Start My Dream Job At GameSpot (By: @jeanluc)

Giant Bomb user JeanLuc has been hired to become a video producer at our sister site GameSpot! Congratulate him on his announcement blog.

A Personal Video Game Retrospective (1986-2015) 2004 (By: @riostarwind)

RioStarwind leads you through a personal journey on how he enjoyed video games in 2004, on his latest gaming retrospective blog post.

We Were The Real Dark Souls All Along (By: @mooseymcman)

MooseyMcMan comments on how much of a torturous and exhilarating an adventure Dark Souls III can be to even a Dark Souls veteran over here.

Phantom Pain: Thoughts on Severed & (By: @darth_navster)

Darth_Navster shares his extensive thoughts on Severed, and why he implores all Vita owners to buy it right now. Also, Darth_Navster updates you on how his time with the Dragon Age series has been, with a new blog on even more DLC he has played as well as his time with Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening.

I read Mento’s blog and I still don’t understand the appeal of “Chronogaming.”

The Mario Zeniths and Pachi-Slot Nadirs of Chronogaming & Sunday Summaries 24/04/2016: The Witcher 3 & Viscera Cleanup Detail & InFamous Second Son (By: @mento)

Firstly, Mento leads you through the weird and oftentimes exhilarating world of “chronogaming.” Secondly, Mento shares his latest adventures with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Viscera Cleanup Detail, as well as his wiki edits.

Weekly Update #21 – April 26 (By: @qreedence)

qreedence shares why Stories: The Path of Destinies is an unfortunately named buried treasure you should consider playing.

PAX: Not Quite A Trade Show (By: @gamer_152)

Fellow moderator Gamer_152 questions PAX’s status of being a pure “trade show” event, on his latest blog.

Join the Discussion

Is Miyamoto’s Continued Involvement In Nintendo’s Hardware And Software Detrimental? (By: @jeffrud)

I am amazed that we are still getting new Dark Souls III forum topics

Is Shigeru Miyamoto’s continued involvement in Nintendo’s hardware and software detrimental? Share your two cents by joining our community poll and debate.

Is DayZ In Development Hell? (By: @bdead)

Does DayZ qualify as being in Development Hell? Can Pre-Release Public Testinggames qualify for this dubious status? Share your thoughts related to the matter on discussion thread.

Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare Reaction Thread (By: @dafdiego777)

“Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare” just rolls off the tongue when you say it, but not really. Feel free to share your gut reactions to the leak/announcement of the Call of Duty reboot that millions have been pining for.

Dark Souls III Fight Club Experience Sharing Thread (By: @dprotp)

Dprotp hosted his very own fight club in Dark Souls III accidentally, and welcomes you to share your experiences with the party based feature as well.

Dark Souls III Favorite Boss Poll and Discussion Thread [MAJOR SPOILERS !] (By: @coffeeraygun)

If you have finished Dark Souls III feel free to join the community poll and debate on which boss was the best.

Hitman Episode 2 Community Discussion Thread (By: @grulet)

Feel free to join and participate in our official community discussion thread for episode two of Hitman over here.

Doom – Single Player Impressions Sharing Thread (By: @humanity)

If you have been enjoying Alienation feel free to share your experiences with it on our discussion thread.

Based on news, demos, and video coverage of it, what are your early impressions of the Doom single player campaign?

The Old Gods Hearthstone Expansion Discussion Thread (By: @jakob187)

Our official community discussion thread for The Old Gods expansion for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft can be found here.

Which Game Genre Do You Most Want To Have A Revival? (By: @jdizzlefoshizzle)

Are there any video game genres that you feel are poorly represented with this current generation of consoles and games? Share which genre you would you “resurrect” in an instant.

Alienation Discussion Thread (By: @grulet)

Have any of you tried out Housemarque’s twin stick arcade shooter Alienation? Feel free to discuss it with other owners of the game.

Dota 2 6.87 Update Discussion Thread (By: @onemanarmyy)

If you are a Dota 2 fan, dear GOD I will pray for you if that is true, feel free to join our community 6.87 update discussion.

Useful User Reviews

  • @valorianendymion reviews why World End Economica episode.1 is an absolutely stunning experience worth checking out.
  • @cav829’s review for Affordable Space Adventures extrapolates why he found it to be a flawed but fun romp on the Wii U worth exploring.

Lovable Lists

But really… don’t buy a Leap Motion.

The Handful of Leap Motion Games That Don’t Suck (By: @kewlsnake)

kewlsnake made the “mistake” of buying a Leap Motion Controller, but here’s a list of games that he thinks use the device well.

1985 (By: @ringedwithtile)

Ringedwithtile uses his list to explain why 1985 is one of the most important formative years in video game history.

Police Games (By: @warcat777)

warcat777 is working on a list where players control “honorable” police officers. Check it out and see if you can help him out by citing more examples.

5 Games That Could Save VR (By: @darkbeatdk)

Could it work on VR? DarkbeatDK thinks so!

DarkbeatDK can think of five games that could “sell” him on any VR platform. Discover what they are, and see if they make sense.

Wonderful Wikis

Lucid9: Inciting Incident

Thanks to recent edits totaling over 400+ points, our wiki page for Lucid9: Inciting Incident is worth checking out.


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