The Community Spotlight – 04/09/2016

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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host. This week marks a very special anniversary regarding the Community Spotlight, and that is to say that I have officially been managing the Community Spotlight for over seven years. As Mr. Rorie would put it eloquently, “it’s been a long road getting from there to here.” I formally would like to thank @marino for reviewing and publishing these Spotlights on the front-page. I also would like to thank @mento for acting as my peer editor. Finally, I have a very hearty thanks to Mr. @rorie and the staff for providing me with the opportunity to share the Spotlight on the site. It’s been a heck of a ride to say the least, and I would like to thank you all so much for supporting this feature with your kind and supportive comments. Anyways, before I get especially sappy let’s belt out another batch of site related housekeeping:

  • Giant Bomb chat and on-site videos will not be supporting the Pale Moon web browser.
  • Users have reported seeing weird bars on the bottom of videos on Giant Bomb. If you have experienced something similar please drop a comment in the thread.
  • Where do I even begin regarding the number of Giant Bomb “cameos” during WrestleMania 32. mtcantor on Twitter was the user responsible for the amazing Dirty Dan and Doctor Tracksuit signs. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well here you go:
I have no words….

Clip(s) of the Week

Part 1 of the Project B.E.A.S.T. Saga (By: @tokensonly)

tokensonly shows how far Vinny Caravella has come in Kerbal Space Program by compiling his earliest forays in the game, including clips from the old “Giant Bomb Flight Club,” on this awesome video!

A Timelapse Of Jeff And Dan Uploading The Giant Bomb Level 3: Doable! In Super Mario Maker & Timelapse: Drew Vs. Revolver Ocelot (By: @mepsipax)

Mepsipax made a time-lapse of all of Dan Ryckert’s and Jeff Gerstmann’s attempts to complete The Giant Bomb Level 3: Doable in Super Mario Maker. He also created a time-lapse of every single one of Drew Scanlon’s attempts to defeat Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid.

Best of Giant Bomb’s Persona 4 Endurance Run–04 (Parts 046 to 057) (By: @clagnaught)

Here’s Clagnaught’s fourth “Best of Giant Bomb’s Persona 4 Endurance Run,” compilation video! Relive the magic NOW!

Giant Bomb Galleria

BANNER – The Giant Bomb Logo Meets VR (By: @graboids)

The Giant Bomb logo is embracing our VR future on graboids’s latest work of Giant Bomb fan-art!

Jeff Loves to Dump (By: @chrissavely)

According to chrissavely Jeff “Loves to Dump” on this amazing work of Giant Bomb fan-art.

Community Activities

This year the GBCER is supporting Pencils of Promise

Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run VI (By: @thatpinguino)

The Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run charity live-streaming event starts NEXT WEEK! Learn all about how you can help support it by clicking the link above!

Giant Bomb Discord Game Day (By: @nikral)

The Giant Bomb Community Discord Server is planning on hosting their next community game club chat! The game this time is Syndicate, and you can read all about how you can join the event!

Best of Blogs

Who would have guessed that a blog about save systems would be one of the best user created blogs to read this week?

Save Systems – Some Thoughts on How Save Mechanics Have Evolved (By: @cav829)

How has saving in video games evolved over time? How can saving be used to enhance the story to a game? These are the interesting topics that Cav829 tackles on his highly educational blog!

Angels, Noise, and Rock & Roll: The Music of Silent Hill (By: @clagnaught)

The music of the very first Silent Hill game still haunts Clagnaught to this day. Read all about why on his highly extensive retrospective of the game, and its use of music.

Deep Interview: Get to Know the Endurance Runners: ZombiePie (By: @thatpinguino)

A while back I agreed to sell my dignity in order to help raise money for charity. As part of the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run I will be allowing users to vote for which Final Fantasy game I will be playing for the event via their donations…you can even vote for all of them. Please pray for me.

Learning Through Video Games: The Talos Principle and the Garden of Eden (Spoilers) (By: @jasonr86)

JasonR86 shares how The Talos Principle assisted in clearing up personal and moral issues in his life, as well as providing a memorable gaming experience that he will hold onto for the rest of his life.

A game where it is socially acceptable to loudly shout “WHO AM I?!?!?!”

Dark Souls (Day 8) – First Full Run (Nito and Glitches) (By: @flashflood_29)

FlashFlood_29’s quest to complete his first full run in Dark Souls recently led him to Gravelord Nito. Read all about how he defeated this nightmarish boss on his latest blog.

PAX Guide 2016: East Edition (By: @marino)

With PAX East 2016 just around the corner Giant Bomb Moderator Marino has a new edition to his incredibly helpful PAX Guides! Check it out if you’re going to PAX East, and especially if PAX East 2016 is going to be your first PAX ever!

A Personal Video Game Retrospective (1986-2015) 2001 (By: @riostarwind)

2001 was a year defined by the GameCube and Game Boy Advance for RioStarwind. Read which games from that year he still holds near and dear to his heart.

Weekly Update #19 – April 6, 2016 (By: @qreedence)

It’s coming…PAXAMANIA II is nigh! The return of Dr. Tracksuit is imminent!

Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder and Far Cry 3 are just a few of the games that graced qreedence last week! You can read his impressions about those games and more on his latest weekly update.

Sunday Summaries 03/04/2016: The Witcher 3 & Lumino City (By: @mento)

Giant Bomb Moderator Mento surmises what the most interesting big releases of the last week were, and pontificates what his Giant Bomb wiki plans are as well.

April Vita Lineup And Upcoming Titles (By: @blacklagoon)

A new month means that BlackLagoon is back with a blog that conveniently lists all of the games coming for the PlayStation Vita.

Join the Discussion

This is our future….

Have the Rift/Vive Streams Affected Your Desire to Own a Headset? (By: @mirado)

Have the Giant Bomb Virtual Reality headset live-streams impacted your feelings about Virtual Reality gaming overall? Vote and discuss the prickly matter over here.

Was Your First Souls Game Your Favorite? (By: @tafae)

Is your favorite game in the Souls franchise the first one that you played? Vote, and discuss this question that Giant Beast recently posed on the Giant Beastcast.

Enter the Gungeon Discussion Thread (By: @gratefuldead207)

Have any of you given Enter the Gungeon a shot? If you have, then feel free to share your impressions of the game with the rest of the Giant Bomb Community!

You get to KILL BULLETS! What else do I need to say?

Fear Effect: Sedna Kickstarter Discussion Thread (By: @jakob187)

Are you excited for the Fear Effect: Sedna Kickstarter? Share your level of support for the KickStarter effort, and possible return of the series, with other excited community members.

Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ Discussion Thread (By: @eddiephlash)

Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ is out in the U.S. and all of you can feel free to join the rest of the community in discussing the most recent example of Kingdom Hearts insanity.

God of War 4 Leak Speculation and Discussion Thread (By: @freezyfrog)

What is your gut reaction related to the recent scuttlebutt for God of War 4? Feel free to share it with other befuddled Giant Bomb community members.

Why hello there Final Fantasy, how are you doing today?

Which JRPGs Are You Looking Forward To This Year (By: @chocobodude3)

It looks like 2016 will be a GREAT year for JRPGs, so which JRPG are you most looking forward to? Feel free to vote and join our debate.

Hyper Light Drifter Upgrade Priorities Discussion Thread (By: @tomydingo)

For those that have been playing the game what are your upgrade priorities in Hyper Light Drifter? Share your favorite upgrade(s) on our discussion thread over here.

Useful User Reviews

This revolution will not be televised!
  • @riostarwind reviews why LEGO Jurassic World was a monotonous trial of repetition that he did not entirely regret playing.
  • @assinass details how 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is a choice driven experience worth trying out on his review.
  • @moonlightmoth shares why she found Darkest Dungeon to be a fun, but slightly painful experience, that she strongly recommends.
  • @slaps2 recently re-played Castlevania Chronicles, and you can read why he found it to be excruciating on his review of the game.

Lovable Lists

10 Games to Honor my Best Friend Gunrock (By: @eder)

It has a recipe for success!

Eder is playing through 10 games that his recently deceased cousin loved most of all. Please read and help support his emotional journey.

Windjammers Clones (By: @icyeyes)

IcyEyes is working on a list of games that can be called a “Windjammers Clone.” Can you think of more examples yourself?

Wonderful Wikis

Oculus Rift

So here we are. Two virtual reality headsets have now been released and many are debating the validity of the technology. On our wiki page for the Oculus Rift you can read all about its long journey to become a real product that you can now have in your very own hands.


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