The solid of Mass Effect: Andromeda left the galaxy after ME1 however earlier than the Reaper Invasion

Mass Effect: Andromeda encompasses a solid of characters who might know much less in regards to the occasions of the Reaper Invasion than we do.


Mass Effect: Andromeda is ready in one other galaxy from our personal, within the wake of a multi-species colonisation challenge that noticed complete crews put to sleep for 600 years as they travelled to a brand new house.

We’ve recognized that for some time, however we nonetheless didn’t know the way Mass Effect: Andromeda suits with the remainder of the collection. Thanks to newly-revealed timeline particulars on the Mass Effect website, we will determine it out.

According to BioWare’s timeline, the Andromeda Initiative was scheduled to launch in 2185 CE, that means the occasions of Mass Effect: Andromeda kick off someday round 2785 CE.

What makes this fascinating is how that launch dates suits with occasions within the authentic Mass Effect trilogy. According to the Mass Effect Wiki, which attracts on the entire Mass Effect canon, the Battle of the Citadel on the finale of Mass Effect occurred in 2183 CE. Later that very same yr, the Normandy was destroyed, and Commander Shepard presumed useless, in an incident depicted at first of Mass Effect 2.

Shepard wasn’t resurrected by Cerberus till 2185 CE, the identical yr the Andromeda Initiative launched. That means it’s attainable the crew of the Andromeda fleet by no means knew Shepard had been introduced again to life, or what occurred of their house galaxy. We don’t know sufficient about communication within the Mass Effect universe – particularly within the wake of the destruction of the mass relays – to make sure how a lot they may be taught from messages broadcast to the ships as they drifted by house.

In any case, this timing, the gap and the six centuries of historical past which have handed all add as much as clarify why Mass Effect: Andromeda can stand alone as its personal sport quite than hooking into the unique trilogy. It’s a neat bit of labor, isn’t it?