Team Fortress 2 Update from December 8, 2023

An upgrade to Team Fortress 2 has actually been launched. The upgrade will certainly be used immediately when you reboot Team Fortress 2. The significant modifications consist of:

  • Added missing out on ‘No Glasses’ design for The Dapper Dickens
  • Added missing out on strings for koth_krampus
  • Fixed name typo in map debts for koth_krampus
  • Fixed the Wanderer’s Wool not being paintable
  • Updated cp_carrier to deal with some aesthetic concerns
  • Updated Selfless Sensation to deal with a rendering/brightness trouble
  • Updated the Permafrost Essence Unusual result to deal with openness concerns in intense locations
  • Updated pd_galleria to deal with busted dice maps
  • Updated pl_camber to deal with a trouble with RED generate outdoor camping
  • Updated pl_emerge to deal with missing .nav documents
  • Updated cp_gravelpit_snowy to deal with missing out on customized noises
  • Updated pl_phoenix
    • Reduced Blu respawn wave time on A and C from 5 to 4
    • Increased Red respawn wave time on A and C from 6 to 7
    • Rollback area on C currently minimizes the haul press rate by 50%
    • Locked door linking B and C currently opens up when A is recorded as opposed to B
    • Added a failsafe to stop a situation where the haul cart might obtain stuck at the base of the lift ending
    • Various aesthetic repairs and modifications
    • Various pick-up dimension modifications
    • Various clipping modifications
    • Performance enhancements
    • Updated checkpoint names


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