Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Showcases a Tribute to Batman Arkham Fans Illustrated by a Seasoned Comic Artist

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League DC Fandome 2021 trailer
(Image credit: WB Games)

A developer on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has revealed an interesting detail about the new game that’s sure to get Batman Arkham fans excited.

If you’re one of those early access players who’s playing Suicide Squad before its release on February 2, you’ve probably already encountered The Bat Museum. This area of the game is full of life-sized cutouts of various DC characters, and recaps what’s been going on in Arkham over the years. 

Guided by a voice-over from the Batman Arkham games’ Jack Ryder, the Suicide Squad – made up of Harley Quinn, King Shark, Captain Boomerang, and Deadshot – will come face to face with several comic-style illustrations of villains such as The Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, and more whilst walking through the exhibition.

Del Walker, a character artist on Suicide Squad, has today revealed that the illustrations found in the museum were drawn by none other than veteran comic artist Michael Broussard – who has previously worked on projects for Marvel, Darkhorse, Warner Media, Telltale Games, and now Rocksteady. 

This area of the game isn’t just a way to get some classic art into the game, as Walker also reveals that “this area was a love letter to the Batman Arkham fans.” If you didn’t know, developer Rocksteady, who developed Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, is also responsible for the Batman Arkham games – so it makes sense why the games would all crossover in the studio’s latest superhero game. 

By the looks of the replies to Walker’s tweet, it seems like Suicide Squad players have loved revisiting Batman’s history and seeing all the references to other aspects of the vigilante’s universe. “My favorite mission from the beta, loved everything about it, replayed it many times and looked around for a long time,” one Twitter user responded. “Extremely well done, took my absolute time here,” another added

Unfortunately, if you were hoping for a new game starring the Caped Crusader from Rocksteady, the Suicide Squad dev has said not to hold out for a new Batman: Arkham Game as “we really do kill the Justice League.”

In other news, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League features tributes to Batman and Harley Quinn’s late voice actors.



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