Suga Discloses BTS’ Creation of ‘Tear’ During Contemplation of Separation: ‘We Felt Incapable’

BTS is among the globe’s greatest songs teams, yet points amongst its 7 participants haven’t constantly been smooth. In the Monday (Sept. 11) episode of Suga‘s Suchwita alcohol consumption program, he and also V mentioned the darker times the team experienced, with V keeping in mind that his fatigue led him to have potentially harmful thoughts.

Trouble for BTS started around the launch of 2018’s “Fake Love,” when stress and also fatigue went to an all-time high for the celebrities as they began to received global acknowledgment.

“We almost didn’t release ‘Fake Love,’ right?” V asked Suga.

“We were like, ‘We can’t do this.’ As we wrote ‘Tear’ [we thought], ‘We have to write a song like this … let’s write a song for our members.’ On the outside, ‘Tear’ is about a breakup between lovers, but actually ‘Tear’ was a message to the members [who considered disbanding],” Suga disclosed.

He proceeded, “As we worked on the Love Yourself: Answer album, we were talking through contract renewals, then — as Namjoon [RM], J-Hope and I were writing ‘Tear’ — we sent a long text saying ‘Love you guys’ to you and Jung Kook.”

V remembered the pleasant message and also claimed it offered him and also Jung Kook a press in the ideal instructions. “After seeing that, Jung Kook and I found the will to continue. We got to think positively,” he included.

Watch V and also Suga discuss BTS’ has a hard time in 2018 in the current Suchwita episode over.



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