Starfield steadily transforms into a Star Wars experience, with modders replacing police with stormtroopers

Two Stormtroopers modded into Starfield run towards the screen with their blasters out
(Image credit scores: Bethesda / kboykboy by means of NexusMods)

Starfield looks significantly like a Star Wars game with each passing follower communication. The most current is a work-in-progress Starfield mod that transforms the authorities right into stormtroopers, as well as it’s currently a reward. 

At the moment of creating, the mod changes any individual in a UC authorities attire with a stormtrooper. At some factor, Kboykboy prepares to change personalities in UC shield with imperials, those in Freestar shield with rebels, as well as, certainly, you’ll obtain Star Wars tools. Even with lots en route, however, it’s substantially enjoyable to see Starfield’s room authorities changed with among one of the most disrespected occupations in a galaxy much, away. 

This isn’t Starfield’s very first brush with Star Wars, either. Not long after launch, one busy shipbuilder built the Millennium Falcon, Razor Crest, as well as a mini Star Destroyer. Not to be outshined, one more follower constructed a Star Wars Imperial Destroyer so grandiose that it delays the game as well as requires a 21-page how-to overview. If a construct does not storage tank the game, after that I do not need to know concerning it. 

While we’ll remain to see Star Wars-associated rewards infiltrate, anticipate points to truly kick on the following degree. You can mod Starfield presently, though full-fat mod assistance is can be found in 2024. Skyrim as well as Fallout obtained full-on Star Wars requisitions, so it’s just an issue of time prior to Starfield sees the very same destiny. 

For real, though – Hoarders: Starfield Edition is only getting worse – clean up your ships, you animals.



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