Star Wars Jedi Survivor: A New Patch with Plenty of Fixes, Here’s the List

Despite getting essential praise from journalism, Star Wars Jedi Survivor had a tough launch, specifically on computer because of substantial technological concerns. Ray-mapping, HDR, as well as various insects are amongst the concerns with this variation that is influenced one of the most. Electronic Arts as well as the Respawn Entertainment groups recognize the issues as well as are striving to take care of as several insects as feasible. The 2 business have actually likewise chosen to be clear as well as interact as long as feasible regarding updates as well as various other spots. Yesterday, we discovered that a spot was released on Tuesday, May 9th, for the PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Series X|S variations, which the computer variation will certainly delight in these updates later on in the week.

Here’s a checklist of the components that were remedied:

  • (COMPUTER just) Raytracing occlusion actions upgrade, decreasing downtime
  • (COMPUTER just) Upgrading diffusion budget plans to minimize traversal concerns
  • (COMPUTER just) Improvements to some aesthetic results efficiency.
    • Coming quickly to console
  • (COMPUTER just) Data monitoring upgrade when switching over to raytracing, enhancing non-raytracing efficiency
  • (PS5 just) Correction of an HDR worth inequality that triggered wrong HDR setups for PS5 individuals
  • Various save mistakes remedied
  • Correcting a circulation trouble that might cause a black display in particular circumstances
  • Correction of an issue with among the air vents in the Stone Arrows location
  • Fixing sound in a narrative minute where the songs was wrong
  • Correction of a problem where the lightsaber did not show appropriately in particular circumstances
  • Fixing a situation where the gamer’s progression was obstructed in the Lucrehulk
  • Fixing a lift insect where the gamer might drop, triggering their progression to be interfered with
  • Fixing a pest where Rayvis ended up being unyielding
  • Correcting a major computer animation problem that disturbed an end-of-game narrative series
  • Fixing an accident insect that triggered gamers to come to be trapped inside a reflection area
  • Adding a note discussing that particular BD-1 capabilities are not offered in battle
  • Improving message scrolling
  • Minor translation improvements
  • Various collision repairs


Furthermore, right here are some well-known concerns that the groups are presently working with: 


 (COMPUTER just) Improving efficiency on more recent i7 as well as i9 cpus


 (COMPUTER just) General efficiency renovation to enhance CPU as well as GPU use while decreasing downtime with as well as without raytracing.


 (COMPUTER just) Improving some hitching that can be credited to raytracing information streaming, possessions, as well as a space in our pre-built shaders.


 Various insect repairs.



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