SoulCalibur VI: it’s Hwang the next DLC, a date and a trailer

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SoulCalibur VI: it's Hwang the next DLC, a date and a trailer

Earlier this month, Bandai Namco Entertainment had started teasing the next SoulCalibur VI additional character, knowing that all the looks of data miners converged on Hwang. They were not mistaken, since the one that is one of the iconic fighters of the license will indeed be available from December 2, as part of Season Pass # 2. Remember that the latter costs € 32.99 and contains Hilde, Haohmaru, Setsuka, as well as costume packs C, D and E. Moreover, let’s not forget that the Character Creation Set F will also arrive on December 2.

Good news never comes alone, it is also specified that a free update will be deployed the same day, just to take advantage of the arena without breaking the bank.Motien Pass Ruins“, from the Classic set for Seong Mi-na, and two episodes devoted to Nightmare and Mitsurugi.


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